Research subjects for GCA and ears needed!

It has been mentioned before but I'm doing it again. It's easy, I just did my questionnaire that came in the post and it took 5 mins maximum. I don't know if non UK people can do it but I can't see why if it is by post, though cost may be an issue. They need lots of people and it needs to be done by 30th Nov. If you can help email

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  • Mine has arrived too. Every little helps.

  • The email address has changed, due to the hacking that took place earlier this year.

    It is now

    The old address will work for a very limited time as they all have to be closed down to protect the NHS net. I could cheerfully put those hackers on a desert island and ensure that it one that is only visited every thousand years and there is no chance of them having any contact with the rest of the world. They did us no favours and it has cost the NHS money that could have been used to help ill people............grrrrrrrr

    I asked the question about non-UK participants, but initially but it is protocol and it has to be done by people in the UK first and then they we where they go from the results.

  • OK, have sent a query to the address you've given.

  • Mine came too

  • Yes mine came a few days ago and I was able to complete it and send back in 15 minutes.

  • I have mine to do I got the links via email. Should be interesting and get more recognition by the medical professionals.

  • I asked - and Susan sent me an email version. So maybe it doesn't make that much difference. Must get it done - it arrived on Friday and I was a bit busy...

  • PMRpro

    I knew you would................wish you were here on 18th November, Kate's Roadshow is at Centre of Life...............many memories of that memorable day when we met.........:)

  • :-)

  • Is this a questionnaire about ears as in pain , noises ect when you have GCA

    I did one earlier in the year x but if it's different I will help x

  • Yes

  • Where would I get forms

  • Email

  • I am happy to fill in a questionnaire if sent the appropriate forms.


  • Email

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