Research into causes of GCA

Today I received a letter of invitation to take part in a research project being undertaken by the University of Leeds who are looking into the causes of GCA. From the documentation received it involves an interview and blood test, hopefully I and others can supply the researchers the data that will provide useful results which I understand will be fed back in published scientific or medical journals or presented at a scientific conference. The paper also speaks of setting up a GCA Consortium website for updates on the study and results. Great to see researchers interested in seeking an answer to the question, "What causes GCA?" !!

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  • DevonMichael, it sounds like the same study that I have volunteered for. The trial has been running for a few years, is a multi-centre study and my local hospital has recently been given the green light to go ahead. I have now had the blood test and completed the necessary forms, along with other members of our local support group. I agree, it's reassuring to hear that such research is taking place - thank Heavens for the researchers.

  • Is this running in other centres as I would be willing to participate?

  • Linda, as I mentioned, it is a multi-centre study so it depends whether your hospital rheumatology department is taking part. Any hospitals about to join the study will, I'm sure, contact all GCA patients on their books asking if they would like to volunteer. Participants are required to have/or have had GCA with or without PMR. If your local rheumatology department is not involved, there may be another hospital not too far away who might be participating. To find out which hospitals are involved, perhaps you could contact the University of Leeds (Prof Ann Morgan is the Chief Investigator) and ask if they can provide a list of hospitals in your area (if any) currently taking part in the Restrospective Study into GCA.

  • Thanks for the info

  • Leeds sounds pretty cutting edge. The Leeds study I am participating in is into Fatigue caused by PMR. I have had various blood tests and x Rays and am wearing a Fitbit step counter. I note my steps and my steroid reduction programme DSNS method.. My own GP has ordered a bone scan, not to be out done. I hope we are the last generation where this disease is a neglected mystery.

  • Very encouraging to read. If they need more volunteers to participate where who would you contact as I'd be willing to be take part.

    A GCA consortium website sounds very good as well. Tx for this info.

  • Gosingen, please see my reply to lindamow above.

  • Thank you very much for this info Celtic, I will investigate. Have a lovely sunny weekend.

  • Aww that's good news

  • Aww that's sounds good

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