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Prolio vs. Reclast

Prolio vs. Reclast

I have osteoporosis and I'm do for treatment the end of this month. Last year I had a 10% increase in bone from first Prolio shot. Had a conversation with Endocrinologist yesterday and she said FDA recommendation for people on steroids is Reclast. I told her people in England on Prednisone are successfully continuing with Prolio. I felt the pressure of her expertise impinging on my stance.

All these drugs have serious side effects but hesitate to do nothing. I took a year off from treatment 2 years ago. My biggest fear is a fall.

I need a little help from my friend!

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I would take a look at the National Osteoporosis Society's website and perhaps they will have information which will help you gain a, possible, different take on it. It is a UK charity but knowledge comes from everywhere and it is easier to access, providing you can trust the source and this is one I would trust.


The only UK national charity dedicated to eradicating osteoporosis and promoting bone health in both men and women.


Thanks. I just joined their party! I appreciate your continued help.


I am no help to you but I too have osteoporosis but I am resisting treatment. Can you tell me a little more. (I have fallen..hit by a car on my bike which I think began the PMR..but did not BREAK anything, shockingly enough!) LOVE the PROM DRESSES charity.


I have severe osteoporosis and have been every drug imaginable. Prolio improved scores by 10% but endocrinologist had me take Reclast this year because of Prednisone. I do exercise, eat dairy and am glad I’m thin! Lost weight on Pred! Low carbs, low sugar, no alcohol plus being a nervous wreck keeps metabolism going!

Bring concerns to the forum, listen to your Dr. and be proactive by doing research.

I love prom gown charity because it really makes a difference in the lives of young girls and their families. It takes me out of myself.

Let me know how things go.



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