Statins???? NOOOOO - chocolate :-)

A paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that endothelial progenitor cells "can repair endothelium and are lowered by cardiovascular risk factors," Di Stefano told | Medscape Cardiology. "We can improve this with statins, for example, but we can also improve this with chocolate." ...

A small piece of dark chocolate contains as much polyphenol as two glasses of red wine or one cup of green tea, she noted, and olive oil and apples also contain polyphenols."

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  • Just about to have my daily dose - chocolate, NOT statins! -:)

  • Officially allowes me to endulge in my 90% Lindt......wonderful news!

  • Wonderful much better than statins any day and help with inflammation too. 😁

  • I love dark chocolate must be an age thing ,never liked it when I was younger.

    And now............,🙄Can have a full bar. At intervals of course. 😉As my wife cannot touch it. Sets her Megrain off 😲 .

  • So....if I still take my statin....I can eat EXTRA piece dark choc & feel I'm being proactive and keep my GP happy? HaHaHaHa... just kidding..... Very interesting article. thank you once again PMRpro

  • Thanks for posting this PMRPro. Another drug I neatly sidestep.

  • OMG!! Chocolate, Olive Oil, and Apples!! My Endothelial Proginators will be so happy! Excellent link PP.

  • Wow! Guess I'll have to begin the search for olive oil infused 70% chocolate for my hubby. He loves this finding!

  • Great news!!!

  • Finally! A 'drug' I can live with! EXCELLENT!

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