Sciatica pt 3

Dr prescribed Diazepam and Codeine for the pain. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to the Codeine, bad pain in upper stomach, sweating and nausea. We phoned 111 and they were worried it might be a heart attack and sent an ambulance. After they did ECG and other checks (my blood pressure was way up), thought it might be gastric upset and phoned a Dr to get advice. He didn't think it was the pills as it came on 4 hours after taking them. So I took the next one at 8.30pm, at 9.30 I could feel it starting again, not quite so bad, but felt nauseous again. Decided to take no more. Phoned the surgery this morning and am waiting for a Dr to call back to recommend a different painkiller. Pain is terrible, only heat brings some relief.

I have an appointment with a Bowen therapist tomorrow in the next village, hoping for a good result. Happy days!

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  • Oh dear - not a nice experience. Hope BT helps tomorrow!

  • So sorry you Havent been a "lucky" one with codeine. As I have said before it's a drug that some can't tolerate at all. Hope you get it sorted. There are other pain killers and helpers they can prescribe. Just checking that you had with food?

  • Yes had it after lunch with a Paracetamol. Just had a call from another Dr, she has prescribed Amitriptyline 10mg, she said it is for nerve pain. Got home and read the insert, it's an anti-depressant!!!!! Don't know whether to take it or not. Confused.

  • again. sorry it didn't work. I use a tens machine too but like codeine it's not for everyone. And I would let it settle a bit anyway. Let that diazepam work it's magic. 🌻

  • Amitryptiline at a different dose is also used for pain relief. It works for some people - but why they want to use it for PMR beats me! PMR isn't nerve pain...

    It doesn't occur to your doctor that you can't have a reaction to a drug until your body has absorbed it? Delayed reactions are not uncommon.

  • Hi PMRpro, it was prescribed for Sciatica pain not PMR. Tried one last night and slept like a log, but woke with pain in leg again. Still taking Paracetamol and Diazepam. Appt with Bowen therapist at 4pm, fingers crossed it helps.

  • It is widely used for nerve pain relief at very low doses. it's is 100mg plus I think for its original use as anti depressant but they found at low dose it works effectively for sciatic pain and chronic back pain.

    I have been on it for at least 12 years. Started at 10mg and ni w on 40mg. It is only thing apart from sleeping pill that helps me sleep. I have had no side effects that I know of at all.

  • Hi Marcimay, Sorry to hear of your scary episode with the codeine. I had a similar experience and it turned out to be an Osophageal (sp) spasm. I am sure brought on by meds I take.

    Don't feel dismissed by your Amitriptylin prescription. It is a failed anti depressant that was found to have pain relieving properties. It is a good little drug. If taken at bedtime it helps you to sleep.

  • Reading the above, I clearly came late to the party. Hope you get relief soon Marcimay. When I had it, it felt like piano wires from my buttock down my leg. Caused by being an over eager Maternity Nurse when my first grandson was born in Australia.

  • piano wires with les dawson playing it 😲

  • Too true!

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