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The Lighter Side of PMR - The ‘Gift’ of HU Community Feedback… ;-)

Dear All

Sincere Greetings as we grind towards another weekend on the exciting Roller Coaster of Life with PMR / GCA.

It’s always a privilege to have my posts accepted on the PMRGCA HU forum - and equally gratifying so to get such kind, intelligent and helpful responses from PMRGCA survivors from all around the world, which have helped me immensely along the way.

As a result, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some with you. Here’s a selection:

(n.b. Forum user names and avatars have been changed to protect the innocent. Any resemblance to individuals who are living, deceased, or in any state in between, is entirely, er, ‘accidental’. My lawyer told me to blame the steroids just in case…).

‘Just read your Post. All I can say is GET A LIFE… :-/’


‘Eeeh by goom lad, thee’s coom oop with a crackin piece aboot them Stair Rods!’


‘Wonderfully insightful - Brilliant!!! P.s. can you lend me a few quid until next week? PM me? Hugs and kisses xxx ;-)’


‘Nice tie (in your profile photo), can I borrow it for a job interview?’




‘This barking nonsense should be in the Terrier Breeders’ Gazette!’


‘Stop making my wife laugh or I’ll come and sort you out good and proper :<’


‘Lovely, already! Do you do Bar Mitzvas too?’


‘I think this is funny, but I’m not sure…’


‘Can’t you get a proper job?’


‘What a Silly Billy..’




‘Is that your Motor Vehicle parked over there, sir? I notice it’s not taxed…’


‘Sooh beautiful Fake Humour from a sooh cool Brit Guy…!’


‘The last one went down a treat! Sorry, I haven’t read any of your posts yet’


‘Thanks MB, another one to keep my shredder busy!’


‘I literally p****d myself laughing. But then, I often do.. :-('


‘Haven’t you got a home to go to? - or maybe you’re in one already..?’


‘You’re a Leg.. end….’


‘How about a quick snog - what do you say?! ;-) xxx’


‘Could you come and make a guest appearance at our next car boot sale? We usually get a large crowd of about a dozen people unless it’s raining, then it gets cancelled - as usual’


‘One is mildly amused’


‘Mmm…have you taken too many of THOSE tablets again?’


‘Were you the bloke in that TV documentary about mental health problems?’


‘Salut Mon Brave. Vive la plume de ma tante, Nescafe alors!’


‘Sorry, my pussies have just been sick - I’ll get back to you later’


‘Nice one Boyo, isn’t it? There’s lovely now, look you. Cwtches from Cardiff!’


‘You made my day.. go downhill..’

:-/ (Miserableone)

‘May God Bless You My Child’


‘I just read your posts. PM me and I’ll give you a confidential helpline number…’


‘OHH, you ARE awful - but I LIKE you..!!’


‘..Just send me the tiny purple ones in plain packaging and DON’T tell hubby. OMG, sorry, wrong thread! - IGNORE THIS!!!’


(..machine translated from Swedish..) ‘Glad Morgen, Benjamin Mark! Do you drive a white Volvo? Did I saw you in Stockholm next week?! My hovercraft is full of eels!’


‘Dobriy Dyen, Markovitch. Tak, dos ya vlotti meaning: Brrreeteesh Humour? Paka!'


‘We only have room in the basement. Interested..?’


‘That’s all very well, but Brexit means Brexit’


‘Muchly ticklyfold and giggleful the muscelodes - Deep Joy!’


Well, You Lot - there you have it, for better or worse (probably worse). As always, I disclaim all responsibility for any co-lateral damage caused by my posts. If you find yourself reading this Silliness at Daft-O-Clock in the morning, the antidote is probably a strong tranquiliser. If you AND your OH / partner (or whoever) are reading this together, you probably both need a good talking-to by a trained Relationship Counsellor. If you've handed yourself over to the Authorities and pleaded Insanity as a result of any or all of the above, don't blame me. As the old saying goes: 'I only work here'.

Happy Weekend all - and try to keep smiling on the PMRGCA (and also Life's?) Journey ;-)

MB :-)

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Don't know whether it's directed at me or not but love the one by BigRon. He was actually "NormalbutFieryRon" - well actually not so normal! But then he wouldn't be married to me would he?


Ohhh DL! No, not directed at you or your late hubby - pure co-incidence! :-D

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That's okay even if it was.

He always made me laugh, and would be delighted to know I haven't forgotten how.


Always get out of bed with a smile on my face (at least the non-paralysed half at the moment) after one of your posts Mark. Laughter is the greatest of gifts - are your training sessions just the same?

Enjoy your weekend.

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Thanks Keith (?)

Sorry to know about your lop-sidedness, fingers crossed it will balance out soon (literally..). I'm intrigued by your stories about working in Retail.... esp. in Eastern Europe.

Well, yes, re. my corporate training: I always like to inject / encourage an element of Fun and Humour into this usually more serious work. More than a few times over the years I've even been asked by my 'Disciples' to do a brief bit of 'stand-up' comedy at the end of a Business / Communication Skills training session. Can you believe that?! :-D

But seriously, I'm a great believer that some carefully-positioned, appropriate Laughter is helpful in easing the often fraught process of building and / or repairing Human and Business Relationships - and where there's conflict / pressure especially. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Let's try to catch-up on all things Russian and Ukrainian when we can - many stories to swap, I'm sure! ;-)

Have a good weekend too.. more to come.

MB :-)


Might have to arrest you for this!


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Ohhh, Nohhh Pat, having my collar felt again?! :-/ ;-) ;-D


Not entirely sure about the Grimsby accent - sounds more Hull to me...

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Trust YOU to nit-pick around the details! (but that's what I expect) ;-) :-D


Glad I'm continuing to live up to my reputation...

My husband is from Cleethorpes - and Lincolnshire isn't Yorkshire...

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I think we'll all be a bit more careful what we post......just in case!!!!

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Don't worry, Jackie, it's ALL made-up ;-)

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Hi mark thanks for that at a weekend x

How do you actually feel off the preds now ??????

Is it a nice feeling in your body ? Do you have more energy ? I can't wait for the year dot if I ever get off them.

I am so so since increasing to 12.5mg 😞

So come on let's hear x

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Hi Margaret

As for the Post, no prob, all part of the service here and it's always nice to raise a few smiles! ;-)

I'm feeling ok thanks but NOT off of the preds just yet. To save time, if you read my Post from a few weeks ago ('The Lighter Side - Thunderbirds Are Go..etc'), I've tried to explain how it feels when PMR is settling down and / or the adrenals are waking up. All I can say is, the difference is Night and Day. That said, having dropped in dosage quite dramatically with equally good results, the DF (Deathly Fatigue) can still creep-up on you without warning.

My Conclusion? It's always Work in Progress - both with Pred reductions and Pacing energy-wise. As the Aunties here say, we're never quite 'out of the woods' even when off-of the Preds and / or PMR has gone into remission. So, keep a steady head and be patient in the meantime..

MB :-)


Hi mark, I shall put that down to brain fog because of the preds then 😱 I thought I read you had come off them now , oh gawd I am losing it now what a dodo I am.

Think I will go into hibernation for a while and try to get my senses back .

Oh well hope your doing better than me 😹

As us Aries ones on here we are not patient lol

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No worry Margaret, I can well-relate!

Yes, it's not a bad idea to 'hibernate' whilst under the influence of PMR and / or the preds. From experience, either or both can do serious damage to our ability to function normally. We just have to be patient and sit-it-out until things get better.

As for star signs?: Mine is Pisces Always seeing 'both' sides - and in my case, impatient too!

Keep smiling in the meantime

MB :-)




From feeling really depressed and weepy this morning to laughing enough to bring tears to my eyes this evening whilst reading this. What a roller coaster!!! Thank you so much for your fun post. You're a tonic, just what we need.


Ah, Bless, Joan, thank you so much.

As you say, Laughter can be an incredibly powerful 'tonic' - it works for me at least! :-)

MB :-)


Thanks as ever Mark for taking time for the forum and us:) can't wait for the book:)

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Many thanks Julie! :-)

Well, as always, I blame You Lot for encouraging me - and for feeding me in return with your kind comments and equally Bonkers SOH. I would never have believed it when I cautiously started writing this Silly stuff here!

As for the book... it's all under way, and hopefully to be 'released' in December with generous support from PMRGCAuk (makes me sound like a prisoner who's done his time in custody?). All I can say is: do they really know what they're doing? :-/

In the meantime, I'll be around, and plotting and planning the next post to keep you all on your 'Funny-Toes'.. ;-) :-D

MB :-)


Exactly my kind of humour, Uncle Mark!

Keep it comin'!

So, so funny.. absolutely love it!!


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Thanks Cinka, will do! :-)

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Thanks Mark..you're too funny!! You made me get off the roller coaster and have a good giggle.

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Glad to hear it Sandra, thanks! :-)


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