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The Lighter Side: PMRGCAuk Members' Day Tomorrow - Looking forward to meeting You Lot ;-)

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Greetings All

Just a quick one from Benjamin Mansions in sunny WSM after much preparation and planning for tomorrow's Big Day in London.

Ok, all's set: stretched Limo fuelled-up, 'Security' briefed and in place, Paparazzi foiled, and heavily disguised as John Major to preserve anonymity. But that's enough about Tedski's travel plans.

As for me? I'll be arriving surreptitiously on the humble train with my sandwiches carefully prepared (ok, in my excitement I'll probably have scoffed them by the time I reach Bristol).

A little bird told me that there will be bunch of You Lot loitering outside posh Fortnum & Masons before the Big Event, with intent to cause assorted Mischief including 'Flashing'. OMG, what am I letting myself in for - not to mention the Old Bill?

All I can say is: Have Fun tomorrow - but PLEASE DON'T GET US ALL CHUCKED OUT. I have a Reputation to maintain - and The Aunties too. But as for what sort of Reputation, I'll leave that for you to decide.. ;-) :-D

Looking forward to an enjoyable day for all of Us PMR and GCA Lot.

'Uncle' MB :-)

p.s. No silly jokes about Dribbling, sucking Werther's Originals, Slippers or shuffling Old Geezers please or I'll, er.. well.. er. Ohh, I've lost the plot. Can I get back to you on that one..? :-D

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Best wishes for tomorrow,l hope everything goes perfectly well and you all have a great time.

Hope it all goes well tomorrow!

We are all bluff and bluster. None of us could punch our way out of a paper bag, never mind get banned from Fortnum& Mason.

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Rimmy in reply to SheffieldJane

REALLY !!?? Jane I AM 'disappointed' .... !!

Wish I could setup with you all, but I’m across the pond. I couldn’t make it across the street these days ! Have fun everyone! 💕

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MaryA_ in reply to MaryA_

That’s meet up not setup!!

It’s all bollocks

Mary, is that a medical term? :-D

Possibly... though more likely a side effect of too much of the white stuff. One of my many failings.

I would like to be there to meet the 'Lot' I have been following - only problem is the train trip from where I am is many more than one packet of sambos'....

Wishing you all good health, good friends and good times!

Sorry I can’t be with you lot I was looking forward to meeting you all but some one has got a large pin in my voodoo doll’s sciatic nerve. All the best for later today. 😁

Hope you all have a great day!😁Enjoy yourselves,you can always have little snooze on the train home😁xx

Hope you all have a great day. I will be thinking of you.

Have a good day and behave yourself!;-)

Show the world what we can do!

Wish I could attend the gathering! Taking care of my mom with my sister while caretaker takes off.

See you there

Have fun Mark, within luck I will be getting ready to fly to Italy for 10 day annual holiday, probably not a million miles away from PMRpro.

Hope they have fixed that bridge by now. A very tragic 'accident' that some people could anticipate happening.


To everyone meeting up today, enjoy👍🏻 It just wasn’t possible for me to be there today☹️ Good luck Mark, we should organise a day together in London, just for fun

Lovely meeting you Mark and really enjoyed your talk. I took a photo of a Tedski and may frame it. Lol. X

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