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Thank you


I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave me advice when my father-in-law went suddenly blind due to undiagnosed GCA. You help and advice were invaluable. We recently unfortunately had another trip to A&E due to a heart problem he has. While we were there the doctor who gave the diagnosis initially encouraged us to persue the matter. We will do so, to hopefully save another family the heartbreak of a well loved active grandparent going blind. Once again thank you for your help, it was invaluable.

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Other than the heart problem - how is he doing?

TeddyC in reply to PMRpro

Not so good. He is totally frustrated. He is also very stubborn and doesn’t like accepting any help. He has always been fiercely independent and is having difficulty accepting that he needs carers come in to help him. We had an excellent social worker who put a long term care plan in place, totally ignoring the OT who wanted to discharge him immediately with only a 6 week care plan. We have also had support from the sensory support department at our local council. He is able to get around the house and the garden independently, but socially he has cut himself off from all but the closest friends and family. We fear he will just give up on life. It is very sad.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to TeddyC

What a shame - it really isn't necessary, I do hope someone can break through to him.

My husband's uncle had been totally non-housetrained until his wife died (he was a pain and manipulative, apple pie had to be homemade) and shortly afterwards he lost almost all vision due to glaucoma. He managed to take care of himself, got a talking microwave and with the cleaning lady keeping an eye on him did very well. He still met his friends as he always had done. And apple pie from the baker was suddenly perfectly acceptable...

I do hope your dad perks up

Hi Teddy, I didn't see your original post but have read it now. Given your circumstances it is very thoughtful of you to post your thanks to those who gave advice at the time. I do hope that, with the support of social services, you are receiving all the support you are entitled to. Though it will take strength and energy making a formal complaint is more than justified.

I wish you and yours well.

TeddyC in reply to Marilyn1959

Thank you for your kind reply.

Thank you for updating. It was a horrendous experience for you and the rest of the family. How are you doing?

We are having a very tough year as I was diagnosed with cancer in February. I have finished treatment so hopefully onwards and upwards! Thanks for asking x

PMRproAmbassador in reply to TeddyC

Oh Teddy - I'm so sorry. What a year you have had. I know about those sort of years! Had 2 of them!

Teddy, what challenges you have encountered these past months. My kindest thoughts come to you with prayers that you and your loved ones have seen the worst, and can look froward to brighter days.

Kind regards, Jerri

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