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Parkers Hair Module

Before the Red Devil sat on my shoulder at Christmas. My life changed with PMR and I wanted a new beginning. I accepted the impact it had had on me in 2016. It was also masking the arthritis pain in my hip with high doses of steroids. I had to get in with what I could change and accept what I couldn't. Easy said isn't it?

Well I am growing my hair out again loosing Pred weight and looking at what I can do and stop saying with an automatic the knee jerk reaction if I can't!!! Of course I have good days worse days and horrid days. This forum helps me stay on track and even if you are all in a virtual reality I respect you comments and words of wisdom or support. Thanks Troops.

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Keep up the optimistic approach, Estellemac!! You seem to have the right attitude that gets you through the difficult times. Yes, agree this forum really helps though I seem to "take more than I give" probably because I am not so knowledgeable as most others on here!


Take what you need Lin-Lou. If it gets you through great. You don't have to contribute but when you do it will be appreciated. We're all different and each has a part to play. Just keep on being you x


😊 Thanks again Estellemac.


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