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Parkers Day Off


I have managed to balance my meds now to a stage where I feel fit enough to go out. My sister, Denise is picking me up for a couple of days at her house. We will have our hair and nails done then a nice lunch involving CAKE!!! Sometimes that is better than Pred.

Parker will be at home trying to get the Kindle off the work top where he has spilled glue accidentally whilst watching a YouTube how to video for a project he has on the go. He is oblivious to consequences of his actions as its a nag free zone. He would have done it outside but it rained and the Black and Decker work bench is in the shed hidden behind the mop bucket and a spade. The two objects have created an invisibility cloak so he wouldn't be able to find it anyway.

Denise will drop me off taking me in through front door and go to the kitchen to hide all the evidence of his exploits and make us a brew. We eat the last contraband cake and Denise puts the wrapping in Dave's bin next door.

Both Parker and I will be fully refreshed to face the week ahead and the challenges PMR throws at us. I settle down as Denise leaves for home to shout at the TV as there's nothing on to wait for Parker to come back from his hobby job at Royal Mail to talk about our time out and how nice it was. Obviously omitting the illegal activities that would cause distress and concern. Halcyon days.

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Sounds like a plan 😆 !

As a non-english-native speaker I'm impressed by your choice of vocabulary and I like it a lot as I learn so many new expresssions and idioms. You got a talent here for sure. And it's funny and entertaining. Thank you for cheering us up!!!!!! Monika


I didn't know "cake" was an illegal activity?

Yes - always amazes me how men can only see the things at the front of the cupboard - and assume there is always only a single layer of items...

Estellemac in reply to PMRpro

Cake is in our house as I need to loose weight and eat well to get better for my hip operation. Parker is a health freak at present and determined to convert me for my own good. 🍉🍌🍅🥗

First smile of the morning, much better than reading the newspaper and it's too early for cake!

Estellemac in reply to Slowdown

Is it ever too early for cake?? I have a Bananmol first thing. This is a Banana to take my cocktail of drugs finishing with co-codamol.

Estellemac in reply to Slowdown

Or Prednisogurt. Greek preferably.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Slowdown

Never too early for cake. Standard breakfast buffet item in much of Europe. Especially on Sundays where the bakers still don't work in some places.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Ilkley meet-up one day. Your sense of humour is a tonic. I feel Mark Benjamin could have a rival!

Enjoy your time with your sister - you deserve it.

This is a bit like the next episode of the "soap." Made me laugh. Will be waiting for next week's episode!!

Good for you for doing that. You know, when Ferris Bueller took a day off, they made a whole movie about it (great movie for a day when you're feeling blue, if you haven't seen it). I laughed out loud reading your story. I guess humor may be the (second) best medicine -- after we've taken our Pred. I wish we could trade places for a day with our docs so we'd have a break, but mostly so they could understand ...

Keep it up Estellemac, I do enjoy your posts. Now that you are more mobile there must be somewhere you could hide at least a small cake.


Ah! ...the glass is half full! 😊

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