Parker and the Bat Moth

Parker and the Bat Moth

Sitting quietly in my living room last night I saw a giant Bat sized Moth fly in to my hallway. Not being able to move with a dodgy hip I started screaming incoherently. Parker, thinking I was having some kind of seizure lept to my side. Once he got the gist of my gibberings to shut the room door he sprang in to action. Parker rushed to the kitchen to arm himself with weapons of mass destruction. He returned soon after with a fly swatter and round mesh food cover.

Parker kindly thought he would put me at ease first by explaining the physics of a 1/2 ounce moth versus 13st of gibbering idiot. He obviously didn't understand the threat I was under as my chair is next to the light and I can't move without surgical aids. Once Bat Moth knew this he would go for the jugular guided by the big bright shiney light.

Parker being a sensitive soul would not hurt a living being unless lives were at stake. He did a risk assessment and concluded there was no real clear and present danger.

So after much strong language and loud bashy noises he constrained the giant murderous monster under the food cover and Bat Moth was relocated once more to the great outdoors.

Thing is was I fit and well Parker would have been the gibbering idiot screaming in the chair. He hates all flying insects and spiders. I usually rescue him!!

Moral of my story is PMR changes people dramatically and its not always the afflicted person who has to adjust to a new way of working through this illness.

I have a new found respect for Parker now overcoming his fears to defend M`Lady at all costs.

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  • What a beauty

  • Luv it!

    What a knight in shining armour - long may it continue!

  • Wonderful! Is Parker for hire?

  • No he's all mine I tell you MINE!!! I am lucky I must say. I never thought all them years ago it would be like this. But we all roll with the changes and what life chucks at us. 😀

  • Brilliant. Keep on doing that, and I hope he continues to rescue you (and entertain us) for many many years x

  • 😂😂

  • Yeah - all my family retreats in a gibbering mess when things with wings or legs appear...

    I once had a phone call from my younger daughter who was standing sopping wet and soapy on her bed in North Yorkshire bleating she couldn't live on her own in the flat we'd bought for her to live in where she is stationed as a paramedic. She'd met a spider hiding under the shampoo bottle. I was in Italy. Takes after her father...

  • I would have had a heart attach , for sure. Just reading the story and seeing the size of it in the photo, scared me ...I have a phobia for moths...a big one like that would be my worst case scenario😱..I would give my life to protect my kids but maybe not, if a moth is involved..

    Funny how your roles have been reversed..good thing they did!

  • 😂 it's the way you tell 'em. It's a beauty though.

  • I don't mind spiders or almost any other crawly thing - but NOT comfortable with moths - shudder !!! But I must say it looks like a magnificent specimen.

  • Said to husband only yesterday "We haven't heard anything of Parker recently". Well done Aloysius!

  • 'Faint heart ne'er won fair lady' should be Sir Parker's motto on his coat of arms, featuring a fly swatter and a mesh food cover as shield - you did make me laugh!

  • What is quite interesting is the swatter and food cover are in matching Green. He must have know when he bought them for quite different purposes they would come in handy for Bat Moth wrangling.

  • We had a Hummingbird Hawk moth in our garden the other day - beautiful! ❤️

  • Moths are amazing and beautiful. I just don't like them in an enclosed space or my space. Here's a boring but true fact. BlokeMoths can scent a Girl Moth at almost a mile away. I watch a lot of tele these days.

  • What a beautiful creature - I bet it was even more scared than you! I don't mind creepy crawlies, and in fact quite like spiders, but I do get panicky if suddenly startled by something flying at me. So glad you are not murderers!

  • This looks horrendous!! You continue to make me laugh!!!

  • My eldest daughter, now 48, is terrified of anything with wings. She would hide in her bedroom when the budgie was out, and many years ago woke us screaming in the night when a bat got into her bedroom!!

    She now has her own flat and has 2 cats to keep her safe from winged intruders.

  • My sisters cats eat anything that flaps or flies in doors. It's the crunching that makes you cringe.

  • I hope you're saving these humorous postings somewhere. You have a talent!

  • What lovely moth!

  • Brilliant!

  • Fantastic laughed and laughed. 😂

    When my daughter was living in Oz she put her shorts on one day and a gecko ran out of the shorts and down her leg, we heard the scream here in the UK. 😫

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