Parkers Chiropody Session

Parkers Chiropody Session

Parkers not really enamoured with feet so I knew this would be trying for both of us.

My toe claws were getting a bit long and starting to grow in. With PMR you can get treatment at the NHS foot clinic but as I am temporarily incapacitated I decided this would be a good time for Parker to learn a new skill and add to his Butler qualification. I have to be careful not to get an infection as I have mentioned previously due to the impending operation on my gammy hip. We set up all the stuff and I handed him the lesson plan with a safe system of work.

It was all going well till I sneezed. Parker stopped put the clippers down and calmly went to get the kitchen roll, hydrogen peroxide and soda water. He had learnt how to get blood stains out of household furnishings and sterilise wounds in another module of his Butler qual. Well after the screaming subsided and the blood flow was stemmed, we both agreed that all things considered it had gone well for a first attempt. He will be driving me to the foot clinic for the next session where he can learn by observation as a professional sorts out the claws as he videos it. They may think we are a bit weird but I am old and have earned that privilege. My toe is sore but not septic. We consider that a win.

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  • 😂 👍

  • Hi Estellemac,

    Would recommend you get podiatrist in future! Much safer, and probably much more relaxing for both you and Parker (what a saint that man must be!).

    My husband, who was diabetic always had his feet done at home -Private, not NHS - so pre diagnosis when I found it difficult to do mine I joined in as well. After diagnosis, and loss of sight in one eye thought it prudent to carry on - could image all sorts of accidents!

    Still carrying on now, in fact she's due next week. A bargain for me at £26 every six weeks, and no hassle.

    Give yer man a break! 😉

  • He loves it feels useful. I will be getting a home visit person soon. It's as good as a makeover having your feet sorted.

  • Some people don't seem to realise how important it is to look after their feet. It is great visiting my lovely Irish chiropodist and the occasional pamper parlour to get my nails painted.

  • So agree.

    As the saying goes "buy the best shoes and bed you can afford - you spend all your life in one or the other"!

  • See my comment! Doesn't always follow! And it was a tad more than £26!!!!

  • Ha, ha! Sorry, probably wasn't funny at the time, but you described it all so well, I just had to laugh. Thank you for that! Do hope toes not suffering now and that you get sorted out at the next clinic. It seems you have a pretty good all-round helpmate, prepared to try anything!

    My 94 year old husband has Age UK come to the house to cut his toe and finger nails (he thinks I'll do serious damage to him if I have a go!) and they are trained to do a good job, no mess either!

    A coincidence, I went to my chiropodist yesterday (my one treat as a 24/7 carer) and she noticed I didn't look like my "usual self" (tail end of a flare). After she'd finished what chiropodists do, she then gave me the most wonderful foot massage, very professionally done. It was pure bliss and so unexpected and left me walking on clouds! What a lovely lady to give me an 'extra' 10/15 minutes of her time like that.

  • No please don't apologise. We laugh lots when things don't go to plan. It's what keeps us smiling. I love a foot massage. Some pedicures include it but that the higher end spa and I can't sit in for long enough these days. But I will be pampering myself once I can drive again.

  • I had a foot session on Thursday - oh bliss! However - she got a bit enthusiastic when clipping the nail on my left big toe. Ouch - and also blood! She didn't cut the price though...

  • Bet it felt good though. Don't feet bleed loads? I had both big toe nails cut either side leaving the middle bit. They don't grow in now. Didn't know you could have this done. I suffered for years and got frequent infections after trying to do it myself. I can wear shoes in winter now no problem.

  • Mine didn't actually - all the more surprising as I'm on pred AND an anticoagulant!

  • Good morning

    I actually wondered yesterday afternoon how Estellemac and Parker are doing. I enjoy reading your light hearted posts and wish you both well. Just a thought, will Parker be taking summer leave? 😃 Xx

  • Hi Elaine

    Parker has a summer hobby. He has Racing Pigeons that take up his weekends and spare time when not at work. We spend the summer in the garden staring at the sky waiting for them to return after a race and chuntering about the weather forecast being inaccurate. It keeps him sane and the pigeon loft at the top of the garden is a good hidey hole from me. He has named it Sanctuary. Parker is 60 in October so I am planning a nice holiday in the sun when I am fit enough to fly. I will take my sister too so he can have a rest from me talking till his ears bleed and running round doing my bidding. This gives him time to reflect on how fortunate he is to have such a truly worthwhile purpose on this planet 🌎 🤠

  • I love your little domestic comments on how you and Parker are doing! Always gives me lots of chuckles which are such a tonic! I expect Parker feels very blessed to know he has such a special purpose on this planet and I am sure you encourage him in this way of thinking!

    Do please keep us informed about any other skills Parker is learning to make your life tolerable.

    ( Do hope Parker's ears don't get to bleed too much! I expect he " has" to go and check his pigeons quite a bit when that happens!)

  • My own Parker and I roared with laughter at your post! Sorry but it so reflected our own attempts deal with my hooves. I feel your pain but can give you hope, my Parker is coming along nicely in the pedicure department. Now very cautious with the clippers. Next is the hairdressing module for him, application of hair dye! How would we do without them :) xxx

  • Parker is bald so couldn't get his head round why we need to cut and colour so often. At Christmas I gave him a demonstration on why this is a skill he should master. Got to admit I went a bit too far with this lesson much to my own chagrin. I had long hair past my shoulders and in a fit of peak got the hairdresser to cut it stupidly short. Oh how I secretly sulked. It was much harder to faff with and made me look 10 years older. I dyed it Christmas red too. That is such a mad colour to get out even at the hairdressers. I was not 16, I was 62, so Parker and I agreed once it had grown back and the colour was decent he would colour it next time and do an Indian Head Massage if that would prevent me from self harming again.

  • Just put the Red Hair cut on I am obviously the short fat one in the photo.

  • All these posts on what modules their "parkers" are learning has given me food for thought! 😉

  • Please share when you have a plan 🙇

  • My "Parker" can now unload the dishwasher in a haphazard sort of way and can now load it under close supervision and my son showed him how to turn it on. We are now trying to come to grips with the way the washing machine works but I think this may be a bit too complicated at this stage. 😊

  • Slowly does it. Too much technology in a short period of time might cause an internal error and he may retire to the shed to reboot for a some time.

  • He was an engineer in his previous life so doesn't do technical at all, too many buttons on the washing machine. Frequently retires to the shed, says he is putting in a new floor which requires a lot of thinking about. 😣

  • Mine invented instruments for medical tests - but the washing machine is WAY beyond him...

    Must be the influence of the average medically qualified user: must be able to do REALLY complicated monitoring with just a single button to push. Nurses and technologists do the really difficult things...

  • In my Daily Digest, your Parker's Chiropody Session has come up adjacent to Mark's 'Lighter Side' - how appropriate!

    Thank you for cheering our day and good wishes for speedy healing of your toe.

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