Hot flushes

I have been taking pred for almost two years, I am at the moment down to 7.5. When ever I exert my self a little more than I should, walk up hills or go shopping, I get terrible hot flushes. It starts in my head and within two minutes my hair is soaked and perspiration runs down my face and neck.

I know this is a side effect of pred, does anyone use a cooling spray and if so does it help?

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  • Jeanjean, I remember it well! The best remedy I found was to wear a towelling band around my head (a la John McKenroe!). Dark ones can be quite unobtrusive and certainly stopped the dripping down the back of the neck.

    It can also be helped by avoiding spicy foods and caffeinated drinks, especially coffee.

    Strangely, I used to find that the hot sweats often materialised either immediately following a meal or immediately following a reduction in dose.

    As for "walking up hills", that was a no-no for me whilst coping with PMR/GCA - luckily, I live in a fairly flat part of the UK, but trips into Windsor were a real challenge with the uphill climb from the station to the Castle and shopping centre, and left me wondering how other poor souls with PMR coped when living in a hilly area.

  • Hi Celtic,

    I live just at the start of Dunstable Downs, since being here I have been twice only and never again ! The pain was bad and muscles so sore I cried, so can sympathize with you, one day we will be able to do. A marathon , hmmmmm lol

  • Never say "never", Margaret! It sounds as though you live in a lovely spot, and those Downs will still be there after you've kicked PMR into touch. As for a "marathon", I might......when I'm a bit younger!!

  • I am 66 years young but decided next year my age is going to go down in years lol lol yes the downs are lovely to look at through my window but that's it ! Even the cows look nice ! I can only walk with my 2 chihuahuas once round the football pitch at the back of me, that's enough for now.

    We all live in hope lol

  • A regular daily walk "twice around the football pitch" sounds a good achievement, especially with a couple of four-legged friends in tow, even if they are tiny ones!

  • Good job they are tiny but they still run loose on their own around the outside and leave me to do a small march on my own !!! I may as well sit on the field and let them take themselves round lol PMR sore today but GCA ok, it's one or the other but I am keeping smiling and can't stand this heat today !!

  • I had a friend who, when she was post-op, sat on the kids swing in the garden and just rocked on it while the 2 collies ran in circles around her until exhausted...

  • 🐶 good one lol

  • I have just returned from humid but lovely river walk/bench. Ball thrower in hand...throw it underhand and wonky at moment but dog doesn't care! Think we feel it more when we can't give them walks etc we used to

  • I have only took mine out twice today as been so hot here today !! No benches though, and no pain or soreness :-)

  • Like you I live in a very hilly area, going for a walk is difficult. It does t matter which way I go I always have to come back up a hill. Huge challenge!

  • I hope there are some low walls along the way, Jean!

  • Yes - me too - especially when walking uphill - feel like I've been drenched - whole head and torso ... thinking there probably isn't a 'cooling spray' that wouldn't wash off in the deluge. And oh dear I've only been on pred for 6 months so I guess there's lots more of this to come !!

    Best wishes

  • I live in very hilly town and on days I can manage an incline...well let's say I look like I have jumped out of shower. I have had this through diabetes menopause and now pmr/steroids. The only way I have managed is by fanning with anything that will fan and just let it literally wash over you until it stops. As soon as the prickling starts i try not to get stressed now . It is a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable but cant be helped unfortunately. If it's at all warm outside I have a washing shower with 10 mins as cool as I can stand. Not sure it helps that much but at least I know clean sweat

  • It isn't just a side effect of pred - it can be a side effect of PMR. It tends to happen to me (not as bad I admit) if I have gone slightly too low in pred dose. I am aware of the morning shedding of cytokines too - up the dose just slightly and everything is back to near normal.

  • Oh yes, yes, yes! I am still drenched whenever we get high humidity, and there seems to have been a lot of it so far this year. However at least my night sweats have calmed down - I took to sleeping on a bath towel with another wrapped round my pillow.........I don't want them back.

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