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Looking for answers

Hi everyone,

I am on my 2nd injection of a 3 month course of teriparatide and should like comments from others on the same road. Many thanks to those who have responded already. So many posts on rheumatism topics related appear , but few on osteoporosis. Am I on the wrong site? Want to mention that though only starting on injections I have not so far suffered any of the suggested side effects. Are these to come ? Please advise.

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You are on the PMRGCA site here Gillymar - I don't know of many people on teriparatide to be honest. Most people are stuck on alendronic acid and that is generally it.


Thanks for your reply. Is there a specific site for osteoporosis sufferers ? The alendronic acid saga rumbles on . How many of you have experienced the trauma of fractures caused by taking it ? I should love to connect with fellow sufferers.


Not what you'd call entirely logical - Bone Health

If you click on My Communities at the top of the page it gives a link to browse ALL communities so there might be other ones.


Thanks pmrpro for your reply. I have done what you suggest and went into my communities and thence clicked on bone health and found masses of posts from osteoporosis sufferers. I now have to work out how to get myself on that site. Each time I tried I was sent back to my original site that I mentioned . But I am so grateful to you.


On that front page

there is a box at the top right corner saying Follow - I assume you click on that to join the community because that then brings up two boxes, one says you are following, the other is to write a post.

Or isn't that working? Your name is listed under the followers - and you have been there since last December!


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