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I have filled you in with my recent bone surgery which no doubt you are bored with by now !

I have now had a letter from the surgeon ( not the one who did the op) saying I had a 'torrid experience' afterwards, with 'coffee ground vomit,' 'dehydration' etc. I know I was put on a drip and felt pretty groggy staying 5 days in hospital not the 1 day like last year for the first rod insertion.

Has anyone experience of similar outcome ? I am now awaiting the result of the MRI scan ordered by this surgeon. The leg is OK but the back is giving me a lot of pain.

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  • Never bored Gillymar, just a bit horrified on your behalf and rather sorry for you.Get well soon!!! 🌹

  • I'm never bored either so don't worry in that respect.

    Did they not put you on a PPI for/after the surgery? When I broke my leg skiing and it was screwed back together, I mentioned stomach discomfort a couple of days later and the surgeon was livid I hadn't been given protective meds - apparently gastric ulceration is a common result of such surgery he said.

    Otherwise can't really help.

    Get well soon!

  • Morning Gillymar, I just wanted to send warm wishes for your recovery. Take care Jen .

  • Thanks for your reply. It is so good to get feedback. In the letter from the hospital it says apart from the' torrid experience', I had AKI . My friend who works for the renal unit says it means acute renal injury so now I am really worried. The follow up was daily injections done by me against DVT. I don't know what PPI is.

  • I'm also not bored by your story - my heart goes out to you. A PPI is a 'proton pump inhibitor'(!) These drugs reduce the amount of acid that your stomach makes. Names are Lansoprazole and Omeprazole. A lot of us have been prescribed them with prednisolone, to protect our stomachs. I hope that your kidneys will have recovered from the trauma - your GP can check your kidney function with a blood test. Take care.

  • Have no medical advice to give, I note some good suggestions here but just wish you well in getting this sorted. And ditto none of us are bored ; I think we are all so appreciative of others listening when we have a problem or query we just want to reciprocate that. All best wishes Jackie X

  • Re my previous remarks, most of the posts come from people with 'preds' doses. I do not have to take them and am not sure what they are or what they are for. Am I on the wrong site? Or am I just stupid ??

  • "Pred" is the colloquial name for the corticosteroids prednisolone and prednisone which are the mainstay of management of the two autoimmune conditions all of us on this forum have: polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis.

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