Update on quick reduction

So I started reducing on April 27th from 30. Am at 13 mg. Having body pain and stiffness. Blood last week normal. I am doing two weeks at this dose instead of one because of the pain. And keep each reduction at 2weeks. I believe this pain is from reduction of steroids and my severe osteoarthritis not PMR/GCA. Will take another blood test in a week or so. Finally have lots of confidence in this physician.

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  • "Finally have lots of confidence in this physician." - which is always a positive!

  • Sounds wise to extend the time at this dose to see if the pain settles - from 30 to 13 in less than 6 weeks is no mean feat anyway, so slowing down may be just what you need. Good luck!

  • Celtic thank you. I have been slow reducing 1/2 a milligram a month for two years starting at 40. Have had to relapses. The last one at 11 had to go back up to 30 in order for the blood to stabilize. So I know how very quick this is, but with the steroid induced myopathy I am in trouble. My new and only rheumatologist is suggesting this so that I don't become wheelchair-bound and for the first time I finally trust a rheumatologist after going through seven or eight of them. Thank you for your input you are always helpful. Marilyn

  • Oh, Marilyn, that makes perfect sense. In the back of my mind I wondered if perhaps you might be one of our friends with past flairs/repeated dose increases - that will teach me not to be so lazy and double check next time......although hopefully there won't be any more 'next times' for you. Fingers crossed.

  • I just realized I don't think this is pain from reducing I think this is my steroid myopathy. When I read some of the information as to what to expect with steroid reduction it was a lot of things including nausea but I don't have those issues. I have pain and fatigue in my muscles which I am reading is steroid myopathy. I have been having these muscle pains at 30 before I even started to reduce. That is why the doctor is reducing me quickly. Silly me I guess I will just have to move my body at its own pace with a little bit of a shove and see if I can Get moving again. Must get the synovial fluid removed from my knee and Baker cyst. This physician only does autoimmune disease and trials and lectures. I have an appointment next week with a local rheumatologist. I'm sure when I can move the left leg when the fluid is removed everything will work better. 🚴‍♀️

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