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Hello folks, I have been reading the thread of another post about taking the calcium and vitamin D3 supplement and have read through the SIX page printout I was given with my prescription for Calcichew*D3 forte chewable tablets without finding any reference to the two hour interval recommended after taking the daily steroid dose.

Are there different products of this combination with different instructions? I collected this prescription from my regular chemist, a branch of BOOTS (UK).

Confused, Chrissie

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  • I hope someone answers you. It's getting very complicated, empty stomach, full stomach, not together etc. 😳

  • This is a reliable source:

    mentions not only the interference of steroids and calcium absorption but also their effect on magnesium and potassium loss in urine.

  • Very interesting reading, thank you PMRPro, you certainly are a valuable wealth of knowledge.

    Whilst commenting on the absorption interference, this article doesn't actually confirm that the supplement should be taken two hours after pred.

    Frustratingly I went on to read that pomegranate juice has the same enzyme action of grapefruit juice, so now wondering if this weeks greater pain is due to the juice which I thought might help my recurring cystitis!!!

    If I had wanted to be a juggler, I would have joined the circus years ago! hey-ho!

    Best wishes to all, Chrissie

  • Cystitis - try d-mannose. Being discussed on another thread. Just a sugar, doesn't interfere with anything.

  • Wonderful description - juggler!! Really describes how I feel at the moment, not only with Pred medication but also supplements, balancing rest with exercise etc!! Ah well, I'm sure I'll get through it with the great advice on this forum


  • Hi Zebedee44,

    Try Cranberry juice for cystitis, it works for me.

    Marcia x

  • I've concluded that when in doubt about calcium and something else, take the calcium at a separate time as it has a tendency to interfere with absorption of several things, including iron and magnesium, also strontium for those who may be taking a strontium med or supplement. I suppose because we are constructed around a calcium-rich skeleton the body prefers calcium over any other mineral.

  • I find it easiest to take pred with breakfast and/or supper at night when splitting the dose and take calcium with lunch and evening meal - assuming there are 2-hour intervals between! Not to mention Lansoprazole half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach - ditto Risedronate once a week..... Juggling; spinning plates; hula hoop was my thing, but not now with my PMR hips!

  • Yes, can't recall how I found out to take Calcium D Forte couple hours after Prednisolone. I try to take the Calcium after a mid morning milky coffee/cappuccino which is couple hrs after the Pred. Trouble is I generally forget! Some days I only manage 1 calcium tab, hey ho difficult to get it all right

  • The pharmacy put a warning on my pred re taking vit D and calcium at least two before or after.

  • Hell Parijm, yes, forgetting to take it is the problem I have too. I try to keep notes but often forget to write it all down. This PMR is a challenge to the body AND the foggy brain!

  • Same here Pharmacist asked to see me re any tablets I was on and pointed out the importance of taking the Adcal at least two hours after the steroids. As you say though nothing in instruction leaflet or added onto instructions on box.

  • Thank you, Jackoh, when the pharmacist gave me the leaflet I assumed that was why, having seen it mentioned on this forum. I read through all six pages very thoroughly, and found no mention of the two hour advisory. Are Adcal and Calcichew the same product?

  • To be honest Zebedee47 don't know if they are the same product but very similar I think. Mine contains Calcium and Vit D .

  • Same stuff, different manufacturer.

  • Mmn, foggy brain definitely! I must have read somewhere about leaving gap of 2 hrs after taking prednisolone before the calcium and it's likely to be here. Nothing on the printed bottle label from pharmacy but I've thrown away instructions that accompany the tablets. Mystery!

  • Glad I found this post. Had no idea I wasn't supposed to take calcium supplement at the same time as the pred. Will need to adjust timings accordingly. Thanks All for sharing info.

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