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Dear polkadotcom,

Our tech team are working on a fix at the moment. Unfortunately, this technical fault does not seem to be easy to solve. The fix which was released last week did not work, so we are looking into this further.

For now, the best advice which could be given to our users is to check whether they are on private browsing mode. This may be the reason why users get logged out every time.

1) Google Chrome – read here (

2) Mozilla Firefox – read here (

3) Internet Explorer 11 – read here (

4) Safari – read here (

In case they are using Chrome, they could try saving the HU login password in their settings. For this, they would need to click on the three diagonal dots in the corner of the browser window and then select advanced settings towards the bottom of the page. If they scroll down on the page, they should see passwords and forms and select manage passwords. From here, please, ask them to look in the never saved box and see if is in there. If it is, they should remove it by clicking on the x to the right of it. This should make sure the password for HealthUnlocked is always saved when using Chrome.

Once again, my apologies for such inconveniences. We hope to fix the issue as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and support a lot!

Kind regards,


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  • Thanks for the fast response, Polkadotcom will digest this soon

    MeggirKy x

  • Well that's as clear as mud!

    If the user has changed nothing - I'd doubt any of that will help...

  • Hi,

    Thanks for that.

    My son did mention the private browsing element, but it's not something people are likely to change unless they've got a new device, and its happened to too many people for that to be the case.

    Methinks HU are clutching at straws and trying to put the onus on the user - rather than be upfront and admitting they've c****d it up their end!

  • Have to say I agree with you DL and PMRpro.

    I've never changed my settings here, I use the same PC all the time, and the 'invisible page / need to refresh several times until visible' (etc) problem manifested itself un-prompted by me - and it continues daily to my (and I'm sure others') immense frustration.

    Call me an old cynic (go on then..) and I'm not an IT expert. But without doubting the expertise of the site techies unfairly, my money is defo on a site engineering problem for which HU is trying to shift responsibility onto its users to rectify for themselves.

    Stand firm folks, it's probably not you - and almost certainly not due to the Brain Frog! I've seen this phenomenon many times in many contexts where the end-user / consumer is short-changed and blinded with science as an expedient until or unless the issues are fully diagnosed and fixed. There's usually a time / cost element involved...

    Note to HU (if any of the site engineers / architects are following this thread): PLEASE get this sorted or you will lose valuable members here and elsewhere on the platform.

    Ok, rant over. Wine open. Enough...

    MB :-(

  • You tell 'em MB!!

  • Many thanks daw50!

    I rarely rant-on here, but this was on behalf of all of us (or at least most of us).

    Watch this space - a usually 'witty' antidote coming soon ;-)

    MB :-)

  • But it can't be HU alone or we would all be having problems.... HU changed something and perhaps now some users have to respond somehow in their computers depending on their particular security program. Have you tried the suggested solution?

  • Hi Heron,

    You may be partially right.

    I think HU have updated their software and if users are not using the latest edition of software/malware etc there may be a problem.

    But most of us have done nothing to alter our browsing history - which is where the problem lies - and have made no deliberate change to our different devices then it's not "Our" fault which is what HU imply.

    They should have envisaged there could be problems, but as is typical with virtually all IT systems providers, they introduce something new, and then wait for users to contact them with problems rather than be upfront and say we are going to do "this", and if you have problems than you may need to do "that".

    It's called forward planning and looking after your customers!

    Ohh - there's a novel concept! Wonder if it will ever catch on?

  • Just an update to this morning's reply - I have just accessed site using main PC (which is where I had problems) with no hassle all! What did I do to change things? Naff all!!

    Rest my case - HU!

  • Thanks polkadot on, I got straight in tonight!

  • Hoorah, let's hope it's catching :-)

  • That's a very generous thought HeronNS. You seem fortunate to have escaped the frustrations of accessing the site - unlike many here.

    No, I haven't tried the recommended 'solution' since my particular e.mail programme isn't mentioned in the fix. And, even if it was, why didn't HU flag-it up potential problems to its users before they occurred?

    I'll try to keep my powder dry on this issue. Let's hear what other users have to say..

    MB :-)

  • MB57, they weren't email programs, they were browsers. What browser do you use? Maybe try a different one? I recently had some communications with an organization and was unable to communicate with them in my default browser, chrome, but firefox was no problem at all.

  • Thanks polkadotcom. This is much the advice they gave me last week but doesn't seem relevant. If it were due to one thing, then surely the problem would be consistent. But yesterday I got in without a problem but was unable to see replies without manoeuvring, today had to log in but could see replies. However, we live in hope.

    P.S Could it be an elaborate hoax to distract us from our aches and pains?

  • Maria, I think you are right! Certainly works for me, all the naughty (very naughty) words I usually direct to my limitations have been directed to HU for the past however many days. I have nearly found a cure!

  • I must admit to not having a problem!! I use my iPad and wasn't aware there was ever a problem, thank you Apple 😊 Have a lovely day all xx

  • Ditto with Apple and Safari!

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