Well done Kate!

Just noticed a mention of Kate Gilbert's informative book- Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis: a survival guide in Third Age Matters which is the quarterly magazine for members of the U3A (University of the third age). U3A is aimed at retired or semi retired people in the UK and so is a useful platform to raise awareness of PMR and GCA.

I found Kate's book really helpful when I was first diagnosed over 2 years ago and decided to dip into it again last night when I wasn't able to sleep. Lots of valuable tips in there which I didn't necessarily absorb at earlier readings - such as, it's ok to take some paracetamol when you're tapering down on Pred and getting a bit of discomfort from steroid withdrawal. There's lots to learn with these illnesses and therefore I'd recommend reading Kate's book from time to time as there will inevitably be something relevant to your current stage.

Well done Kate for writing such a helpful book and for raising awareness too!


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  • Thank you for pointing this out. I just ordered this book and I'm curious about it and how it can help to accept the GCA. Hope though I'll be reading it at daytime....

  • Akino

    I'm sure you'll find Kate's book helpful. Yes daytime reading is preferable- thankfully my sleep has been better for the past couple of nights.

    Good luck with your GCA journey.


  • I have passed Kate's book on to numerous people in the U.S. and Canada - not much info available in both countries. Everyone has found it helpful and informative and some have taken it to their GP's for their enlightenment. Well done Kate Gilbert.

  • Thanks for your reply peaknuckle. I agree there is still not much written about PMR and GCA that's easy to read. PMR pro is good at directing us towards suitable research papers on the topics though.

    Good luck on your journey through this illness.


  • I read the book cover to cover when first diagnosed last June and I sought to absorb all information like a sponge! Found the section on GCA very valuable in understanding what was happening to my body.

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