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Love is not enough!


I have been pondering on the words of all our inspiring speakers at the members event yesterday. Amongst others, we heard from the treasurer ( retail monkey) and Kate Gilbert ( author of that useful book). It became clear that the charity has grown exponentially from the efforts of a handful of dedicated fellow sufferers who started it when there was literally nothing for PMR/GCA sufferers.

It also became clear that in order to carry on the great work that the charity does for all of us, they need more money. If I remember correctly, the Charity has 800 members currently. The forum has approximately 7,000 users. As Kate pointed out. If every user could donate £10.00 that would be an amazing boost to the Charity’s assets, enabling them to do much more to ease the suffering of people with GCA/PMR and raise awareness amongst the medical profession. To initiate projects such as the buddy system and the helpline.

So although there is a lot of love, information, support and company on here. It is not enough.

It gave me food for thought and I will be completing the membership forms and arranging for a donation. All that has prevented it, is a kind of procrastination. Let’s combat the awful ignorance that we encounter on here every day amongst people who have responsibility for our care. 🌦

Love from Jane. X

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Every organisation no matter how small, needs money to survive. I'm happy to contribute.

Just had a quick scout for membership info/forms but could only see place to donate on home page. Is there a link or can you point me (and others who are technologically challenged) in the right direction?

I got mine from the PMRGCAUK Charity website that is definitely worth a peruse if you haven’t been on before. They send nice hard copies made of real paper. 🙂

Chrob in reply to SheffieldJane

When I was first diagnosed, I flailed about looking for info and rang pmrgcauk. They called me back later the same morning and a lovely chap really helped me ,he sent lots of info . I did join then. Thinking on it won’t hurt to donate extra as and when . Worth it for the help for everyone.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Pongo13

’ere ‘tis!


Thank you, will get it done immediately!

Thank you

altywhite in reply to DorsetLady

Thank you.

teesher in reply to Pongo13

I went onto the PMRGCAUK Charity as SheffieldJane says and it was nice and easy to donate via Paypal.

Fantastic idea Jane. I will contribute too.

Longtimer in reply to Mary63

Me too.....


I would love to donate but am unsure how to do so from the US?

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Hidden

The online application form does give the opportunity to apply from abroad, so it might be worth trying that initially. If not then have a look through charity’s site, sure you can contact them by email.

Inspiring a few of us. I'll donate too 👍

Very easy to do this online. Go to PMRGCA website. Click on ‘Get involved’ and you can donate via ‘Virgin Money Giving’ . Takes minutes!

Good for you

I was inspired to join after attending the Southampton event in August this year.

I did a reply from my phone but it isn't showing on here, did you get it?

Can you donate by paypal? Can’t find the link!

Mary63 in reply to Constance13

Yes you can donate by PayPal or pay by card. PMRGCA website ‘Get involved’

Well said, Jane. I have encouraged folk to become a member and support the charity, but perhaps they'll listen to you! 'Get involved' 'Become a member'.

Terrific!! I will go to the sites listed and donate. ! thanks.

Jane bravo. What shall I do? How can I help? Xxx

I’m in Australia can I join?

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Daisychain12

See my answer above to Luigisim. Hopefully.

I would like to donate,preferably by phone if that is possible ?

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Grants148

Just ring 0300 999 5090

kate1978 in reply to DorsetLady

You just answered my question how to donate thank you I will ring on Monday

I agree with everything you say and likewise have been procrastinating while I have been grappling with implications and practicalities of this recent diagnosis. Thank you Jane, you have motivated me to complete the on-line form and become a member

I agree with your post and will certainly donate x

Thanks Jane, happy to do it for all the reassurance and help I've had over the last, almost, 3 years.


Think l was a member before I found this website x

Thankyou Dorset Lady l shall phone them tomorrow.x

Seem to have lost my first reply so a shortened version. Well recalled Jane and agree totally, (was feeling as if I should say something too but no need now). I am a member and donate each year but if more gave (even a £1 donation from everyone) it all adds up. It's raising the awareness that's needed and perhaps the administrators could organise, say six monthly, a reminder to the forum, that's how I've made additional donations following membership.

Have a good holiday.

Terri x

Well done for posting this, let's hope it gets a good response.

I joined in the first couple of weeks of being diagnosed, as fortunately Dorset Lady mentioned It in a post. I was surprised that we weren't encouraged to become a member.

It stands to reason the site cannot be run without funds, there are those who are giving their time which is invaluable.

And as we were told at the meeting if everyone contributed £10 it would equate to a GP's. salary.

As Terri mentions above a reminder would be a good idea.

What a great iniciative, Jane! Thank you.

Just donated thank you for bringing it to our attention


I posted a few days ago about using a will writing service for free using a Money Saving Expert code, and making the saved money a charitable donation....sent mine to PMRGCA UK.

Cheers Valerie

I knew you’d all come through! ❤️

Thank you Jane, will join tomorrow along with my husband (Old Trucker).

Kind regards Jannie and OH

Only heard about membership after attending a Leeds PMRGCAuk meeting - you're right it deserves supporting - just posting my form off now to join up.

Hi Jane I have found so much help from here, I would be happy to donate £10 what is the best way to do it?

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