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Kate Gilbert's book and GCA

Kate, if you are out there, thank goodness you are! The book, PMR and GCA, a survival guide, will be a sight saver for many a patient. I hope so for myself. Such a wonderful read, and now all my current questions are answered. I am going to order copies for my family, copies for my physiotherapist, and a copy for MY GP!! Thanks for publishing and thanks for this website!

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I keep my copy beside the coffee machine with marked pages and as everyone helps themselves in this house it's a bean to cup machine so people tend to pick it up when standing there even granddaughter age 12 when she is making coffee for others

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This is a great idea. I have ordered two more copies for my sons, and will place my copy.....under the TV remote control.

Always awake around 3am, Olive. Kate explains about the steroid being low in the early hours. That may be the reason.


That is my time to world service is my best friend then just had a great night always take sleep aid on Saturday night came to just in time for tennis


I use nytol once a week, but no more than that. Sounds like we are similar, I look at the redbutton news, and cover the horror video up with a news paper, so I can read without seeing the pictures. I must use a radio, and will try the world service.


I have the clock radio tuned to radio4 FM it changes to world service at 1am keep volume low so you have to concentrate to listen set it on sleep and just enjoy


Thank you Kate for writing such a wonderful book on PMR/GCA . I purchased it this week and have found the information such a comfort. Everything about this debilitating illness is described so well and there's nothing I have read that I don't understand. I'm sure it will be a best seller by many PMR?GCA sufferers.

Regards and all good wishes for the future!


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