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For the pro. Nutrients, digestion, autoimmune disease and prednisone

I agree with you 100%. We cannot get our nutrients from food alone unless we are in super tiptop shape and take no medicine. If this were the situation we would not be corresponding. Even here in the US I still take my calcium and D twice A day because of the absorption. Unfortunately I cannot find sardines or salmon with bones. I know you're not a fan of fish bones but they are valuable. Unfortunately Again i take a proton pump inhibitor because of acid reflux so I am absorbing even less. I have osteoporosis as a result of the PPI and prednisone. I am getting shots of prolia. I would hope anyone reading your post would take heed of your advice.

A special thank you for the article in the New Yorker magazine from 2013. It takes a very smart pro to find this in a New York magazine from England or Italy and post it for all to see. I enjoyed reading it and will forward to my daughter when she returns from France. It's a good description of what we feel like. I could not have said it better. It is my life's story. Thank you. Marilyn

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