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Is the diagnosis right?

In 2007 I found it more and more difficult to walk down stairs in the morning. I was getting stiffer and made an appointment with GP. Blood tests did not show a raised esr but none the less I was diagnosed with PMR and started on 20 mg prednisalone. This had little or no effect and was raised to 40 which was effective and over a period of a year reduced the steroids to zero. (Also saw consultant rheumatologist who thought it might be psoriatic arthritis).

A while later the symptoms started up again and so back to GP, but his time I asked to be tested for Lyme disease. I was positive and after two months of antibiotics was fine and have remained so.

Lyme is a very good mimic and it is worth checking with ones GP or rheumatologist that one has been tested.

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Glad to hear you are fine, I have heard of lyme disease, I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, ongoing tests, on prednisolone. Just wondering what your symptoms were did you have any obvious signs?


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Hi can you tell me what symptoms you had with the lymes disease, as I am like this in the morning when I sit up in bed and swing my legs to the floor they are so sore underneath I cannot stand up straightaway and after a few minutes tues I can start walking



I was very stiff in the morning such that it was difficult to walk down stairs, but Lyme can manifest itself in many different ways. It is a mimic of other diseases. I was wrongly diagnosed with polymyalgia. The test is strait forward and many gp's are waking up to the prevalence and testing more. Antibiotics are usually sufficient for Lyme.

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