Another fracture?

Have been feeling really well,best I've been in two years since onslaught of GCA. Then wham got up this morning and couldn't walk in loads of pain,feels very similar to two years ago when I had two fractures of the spine. I'm still on steroids now down to 3mgs. Surely now I'm on low dose of pred it can't be that again. Have started taking gabertin again for the pain. Any advice please. Just feel gutted😩

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  • I can't say anything about your situation, but I send you my best wishes and 🌺 🌺 🌺

  • Jeannette, I feel for you as it must be so worrying when, apart from having GCA, you have also had the experience of two spinal fractures. I'm not surprised you say you are feeling gutted. You obviously need to see your doctor/rheumatologist for some investigation to rule out more fractures. On the other hand, I had the most horrendous flare at the 3mg point, although in my PMR symptoms not those of GCA. But this does lead me to wonder whether you may have succumbed to PMR - perhaps an increase in steroid dose might provide an answer one way or the other in the next few days? However, in view of your history of fractures, do seek further investigation to rule that out.

  • I'm having my toxcilimab infusion next week if I'm still the same I'll ask to see my Rheumy last time he sent me for an MRI. Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

  • Praying Jeanette that it's not a fracture. Anxious to hear how your first infusion goes I will be watching your post.

  • Dear Jeannette65,

    I hope you are getting yourself checked out right now,it's better to know what you're grappling with! Sending you blessings and good wishes. Courage! 🌹

  • Thanks for your thoughts🤔

  • People develop spinal fractures even when they haven't been on pred.

    In my book if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a dock - there is a fair chance it might be a duck. On the other hand - in tocilizumab you are on a pretty heavy duty medication so anything untoward needs investigation.

    Really does need to be checked out sooner rather than later.

  • Unfortunately I've got down to 3mgs a couple of times now and the last time I hit 3 my PMR came back full blown and my readings were worse than when first diagnosed and life didn't feel like living .I've been lowering over years now but back on 5mgs now and feeling good again and not trying again ! Have your levels tested and make sure this isn't happening to you xxx

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