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Dropping things and loss of balance.

When the pain of this started I also became more inclined to stumble and for the first time in my life I have repeatedly broken glasses, vases, all thing precious , even dropped my iPad and smashed the screen. Anyway I blamed it all on the pain, first few weeks on predict I felt great and didn't drop anything, now tired again and loss of balance , very quickly passing feeling of blacking out ( lasts barely a moment to two) and dropped 2 cups. Is this type of thing par for the course? Or is something else at play. Any one else experience this?

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  • Hi

    I had the same problem my balance was really bad could not even step off pavement without feeling I was going to fall. As for dropping things I dropped everything I touched .I went from days where I felt normal and able to do things to days when it was a effort to get out of the chair .Had 4 months off work as so fatigued just returned 2 weeks ago .Once i started reducing Preds symptoms improved but I still have to be careful .

    Good luck


  • All that is very typical of PMR and it isn't just the pain - I had it all but had almost no pain at the time.

    You haven't said what dose you are on - if you haven't reduced your dose from what you started on have you being doing too much? The pred is only managing the symptoms, it has made no difference to your illness itself at all. You have to do your part by pacing yourself and resting appropriately - still doing some exercise like walking but not doing things that make the muscle pain worse like housework and carrying/lifting. If you have reduced the dose then you have possibly reduced too much in one go.

    This isn't par for the course no, and you need to check with your GP. In some people the pred leads to a reduction in blood pressure as the inflammation is reduced. That might account for the dizzy/faint feeling. You also need to reduce the dose in fairly small steps - doctors tend to expect you to be able to reduce in far too big steps and that often leads to problems. But without more details it is difficult to say much.

  • Still waiting for the gca biopsy results so on 30 mg (was on 40 for a week as advised by consultant but gp changed it back to 30. I am speaking with the consultant tomorrow for results. I've always had fairly low blood pressure and low heart rate so maybe it has crept lower still, also this was an exceptionally emotional stressful week , I had to have my elderly horse who I've had for 24 years put to sleep. Maybe I just need to take some time to meditate.

  • If you have a low heart rate and are having such episodes it does need checking again. It isn't so much it is necessarily dangerous per se - though it could be when you don't know what it is - but you could have a worse dizzy spell in a dangerous situation, even just standing at the top of the stairs where you could fall down them. Better safe than sorry.

  • Special thoughts go to you doubtfullee with the loss of your beloved horse - animals do play an important role in our lives and the grief can create such magnified distress when we are below par with PMR - I'm a poet and didn't know it.

    I have had bad days when unwell and drop things too - wasn't aware that it is part of PMR - had two falls in the past too.

    Fine now but very aware when I am out walking, making sure I am wearing shoes with rubber gripping soles plus take extra special care when handling precious items especially when having not such a good day.

    Abundant blessings to you in the meantime.

  • I stumbled round for a long time dropping all sorts ,a hot casserole clean-up was a !!!!!!!!!. After a fall outside Argos bruise from toes to hip . Hubby marched me from A&E to boots for walking stick I kicked and screamed but have to admit that was not first fall just first with hubby there . Made some changes , you will improve with time

  • Spiced salmon casserole with Mediterranean vegetables ended up on my kitchen floor last love it!

  • After a few similar incidents -without helpful dog to clear up - I try now to cook as much as possible in the microwave. This avoids saucepans and boiling water on the cooker and lifting heavy casseroles from the oven. I'm hoping to do Christmas lunch but with assistance from my daughters but will still cook vegetables in the microwave as I find it steams them very well.

    Won't be any good for roast potatoes though! But elder daughter is bringing her dog so let's hope he won't have to clean up!

  • Before you had eaten it I hope?

  • I can't seem to hold onto anything either and my balance really sucks!!

  • Ladies in the northeast of England attended a Nordic Walking course offered by Age Concern some years ago. Several had balance problems due to PMR/GCA/?pred and one even needed a zimmer frame to get about. All found their balance improved and she was able to walk without the zimmer after a few months. The sticks you use help your confidence and balance and get you moving so your muscle tone improves - also an important factor.

  • I thought it was just me !!! Bad balance and dizzy and dropping things. Thanks for the info

  • Hi, just had to add my two cents...been dropping and bumping things last few days...! Started with ladleing a scoop of chili between the stove and counter top, just missing bowl by half an inch! What a grim clean up! Then tipped over my flat bottomed glass of Very Nice red wine in a very nice restaurant with white linens! Then tipped the display of glass items at my craft booth (no breakage, but Freaked out all within hearing range)!!! next I spilled the used coffee grounds all over the trash container and the floor, another crummy clean up task! It's been funny and caused me to slow down a bit and be just a little more careful! Glad I'm not the only one playing tip over!

    Regards, Jerri

  • Think it's time we both checked out our insurance!!

  • I tend to get slight dizziness and make sure I hold on tighter on those mornings. I have dug out a n old but useful wheely tray thing which I hold on to as I walk round the house, my food and refreshments get carried on this as I walk (nay, hobble ) around. And I don't care who sees me now. Better pushing the trolley than people walking over me thinking I am drunk! My tendency to have butter fingers has reduced somewhat, but it still happens. Most annoying.

    On my dizzy mornings, I cancel all appointments and don't drive until this goes. Even if it takes several days.

    I am now a year into PMR/GCA.

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