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Raised inflammatory marks on blood tests


Hi, I'm a 39 year old mum. I've been ill since October 2016 with chest infections, viral and bacterial infections, colds and a long lasting irritating cough that won't go, along with wheezing and shortness of breath. I also feel very run down and sometimes my vision gets slightly blurred. I have seen my GP numerous times and finally had some blood tests done for diabetes, liver, kidney, iron, cholesterol and the results have come back saying that the inflammation markers are high. What could this mean with my symptoms. I have never had any issues with my health before?

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It does sound as if you may have an autoimmune disorder and your GP should refer you to a rheumatologist. It doesn't sound typical of the disorder we talk about on this forum, polymyalgia rheumatica, and I doubt many rheumies would think you had it at your age, it tends to be in people past their mid-40s, mostly over 50. Yes, raised ESR/CRP is a sign in PMR but there are many other things that could cause the raised inflammatory markers, not least the chest problems.

If the GP is not proactive in referring you, take someone with you to the doctor to vouch for how unwell you are and emphasise the need for proper investigation. Good luck.

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Thank you for you advice. I will look into this. I am back to see my GP on Monday. Many thanks

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Do tell me how you get on - maybe someone here can point you somewhere helpful.

Hi Lmck001 - I am sorry to read of your chest/viral/bacterial/breathing issues. You are young to be suddenly displaying such a change to your health.

The constant visits to the Dr leaves one feeling totally bewildered, albeit exasperated in not having some answers. I know this does take time but struggling with respiratory issues can be distressing.

Have you had a chest x-ray or any other imaging of your lungs?

Your bronchial tubes certainly sound inflamed. Has your Dr prx'd an inhaler of sorts to assist you with your wheezing and shortness of breath?

I am tempted to say that your vision issues may be tied up with the shortness of breath. I have an asthmatic propensity when down with respiratory issues of any kind and my sight is never at its best during this time.

I agree with PMRpro that you are displaying characteristics of an underlying auto-immune disorder of sorts.

Special thoughts are sent your way in the meantime.

You mention you have had blood tests, have you been tested for thyroid problems? Your symptoms are the same as mine were before the doctors eventually decided I had an underactive thyroid. It took them six months to come to this conclusion. Now taking thyroxine and have six monthly blood tests to check thyroid function. The problem with having one auto immune disease is you are prone to suffer from other auto immune diseases.

Hi like PMRpro said you seem too young for PMR or GCA.

I started off with flu like symptoms, pain and stiffness in my neck and then pains in my thighs, and when I had my bloods done, my inflammation markers were high, but my doctor told me to go to A n E , where I met a doctor that really took an interest, and she said there was a rheumatologist doing her rounds in wards and she try get someone to come and see me, which she did, so I was under a rheumatologist immediately that was 2 years ago.

My daughter came down with breast cancer last August. We were devastated, but point I'm making is the cancer she had they said they never seen it in a young person (she 34) they said they only ever see it in women over 60,

The cancer was very aggressive, because she was young, it would have been much slower in older person, she had a double mastectomy, she grand now back at work, and getting on with her life.

Just don't think we can put things in boxes anymore, I hope you get diagnosed soon, take care

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