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Regular blood tests are essential


I am presently on a real downer. About a month ago I was told I had lymphoma. Throughout my journey I have had at least one blood test each month. My last one showed other problems. I had an ultrasound yesterday and both my liver and spleen are in a bad way. I have a phone consult with enterilogist friday. I also had another blood test yesterday. I rang for the results today and was told the doctor needs to speak to me. Unfortunately he did not ring

It has got me worried what now. Also my sugar level are up in 11 or 12 after being 7 or 8

I am down to 5mg preds I have been on methotrexate and actemra the doctor believes I have gastric ulcer from medication

Blood tests are very important

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Hi, I hope you get some better news. Keep us updated. And yes blood tests are an important aspect of being on any meds. 🌻🤞

No wonder you feel low. The uncertainty is frightening. Let us know what is happening with you. X

Wow...that is a lot to take in and process. Until your doctor calls back, do you have someone you can chat with to get support if need be? We are here for you, and please do keep us updated.

Yes, I’ve learned that science and tests are important, just like our lifestyle is. So many factors go into our health.

My thoughts are with you during this time.


Stop worrying about it for now, it won't change anything - and yes, I know it is easy for me to say. If the doctor was really worried they'd have rung you when they saw the results.

Both methotrexate and Actemra can lead to liver problems - it is very likely that stopping them may be enough to reverse any changes. Did the u/s operator say any thing detailed about what they found? Did they look at the pancreas too?

My heart goes out to you with so many things to deal with. I have a friend who is undergoing treatment for lymphoma now, actually the 42-year-old son-in-law of my friend. I'm so thankful that you are being faithful to your bloodwork and they picked this up early.

Hopefully when he calls he has a plan that will lead to good news. xo💗💗🌸🌸

Thanks for all the support. It really does help.

I had phone consult this morning with gastroenterologist

. I am on the list for colonoscopy and endoscopy. The wait time is roughly 2 months on the public system.

My doctor rang this evening to say my esr was up. We agreed I would stay on 5mg until we get results.

I feel much calmer now due to having so much support around me. The self isolation is becoming very difficult for me. We are presently between 2 and 3 weeks no new cases of The Dreaded Virus. If we can go for 6 weeks I will feel ok about going out into the world.

Once again thanks for all your support.

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