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I've just received a pill extractor hoping to be able to get my daily aspirin out of its foil packaging without the difficulty I have been having. However, I'm disappointed; it needs pressure with both hands even to break the foil so no great improvement. I shall try to return it - though no great cost - and ask my pharmacist to remove them for me in future.

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  • Hi,

    I have same problem, heaven help anyone with arthritic fingers.

    With one manufacturer I can peel the foil away from the plastic with a bit of fiddling with a sharp knife on the edge to prize the two layers apart. However, when picked up latest 'script noticed different packet, so I thought whoopee, but this one's even worse! Had to resort to extracting each tablet individually with a small fruit fork. Must be something to do with what's bonded to the foil layer, don't get any problem with any other tablet!

    Be interested to see what your pharmacist says, I bet they're not allowed to do that! 'elf and safety!

  • Yes - you can request tablets in an appropriate container, even with the sort of tops children can open. Though in my experience, children manage to open the other sort better than the elderly!!!

  • That's true about the children. Mind you it gives me something to shout at, can't make life too easy!!

    Hope you're nowhere near the earthquake and back home safe from your recent travels.

  • Not home yet, still in Germany tonight, about halfway from Calais to home - and the quake region is several hours drive away from us.

    Not sure I want to go home: early morning temps for the week are to be -16C and daytime not above freezing...

  • Not the sort of weather to be out and about that's for sure. Take care and safe journey.

  • Yes I resort to stabbing away with scissors. Perhaps your GP could prescribe them in a different form. Aspirin is as cheap as chips, maybe the pharmacist can sell them in an easier pack. The very people who benefit from small regular dose aspirin are being seriously inconvenienced.

  • Yes, I got one and found the same. My pet hate are the pills in foil packs, they shred my fingertips!

  • I buy my 75mg aspirin loose in a carton of a 100 tablets so all I have to do is pull the tab that holds the lid to the container. It snaps back to seal the contents afterwards and keeps them fresh


  • Thank you. Mine are prescribed but as such an option exists , I'll see if my prescription can be amended.

  • Some supermarkets sell them at their pharmacy counter in small plastic bottles, so much easier. After all it is enough to get press out of the packs, especially when you get down to lower single figures.

  • sorry, meant PREDS out of packs

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