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I was diagnosed with PMR in Sept 2015 and put on Prednisolone and Omeprazole, Calcium and Vit D, and AA. I am at last getting a Dexascan next week to see if I really need AA, I stopped taking it last Oct after reading comments on this forum. Also stopped taking Calcium as a blood test revealed high Calcium levels, still taking Vit D and Vit K2, (for bones). I have managed to reduce slowly to 9.5mg and have just started to reduce to 9mg. Had pain in right shoulder yesterday, but after a good rub with Voltarol by my OH the pain went by tea-time. I have noticed recently that I hear a lot of crunching noises in my shoulders when turning over in bed, and a bit of pain in my collar bones. Is this typical of PMR or have I got something else brewing??

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Hi Marcimay,

Sometimes it's difficult to tell what are normal pains of life, and what is PMR GCA related.

It's natural to get some stiffness or pain first thing in the morning with things other than PMR, but that should go off relatively quickly whereas PMR can take a couple of hours whilst the Pred takes affect.

If you haven't done anything specific that would bring on your shoulder pain, then I would monitor it for a little while, and if it continues then bring it to doctor's attention. Similar with your crunching shoulders. But don't let it continue for too long, and might be an idea not to reduce until you get it sorted out.

My GCA was mis-diagnosed as a frozen shoulder for many months!

Hope it turns out to be just life!

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Hi Marcimay

I've had PMR for over five years & it started following shoulder surgery/physio & a Post Op 'frozen' shoulder. (No Connection say the Medics)

I saw my Rheumatologist yesterday & told her about my other (R) shoulder which is giving me the same symptoms as l had previously on the left side.

So I've had it X-Ray'd, she's ordered a Scan, a repeat DEXA Scan & written a referral to an Upper Limb Surgeon, so here we go again!

I take the same Meds as you plus a few more, my first Dexa Scan showed Oestopenia so l continued with the AA until last year when I was put on a Zolendronic Infusion instead, as I've had Breast Cancer (2015) & the ZI is now recommended to try & prevent spread in the bones.

It's easy to blame everything on the PMR so might be worth getting your shoulders checked out.

Best Wishes

Mrs N 💅🏼

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