Continuation of cold plus possible further infection/food poisoning

Wrote a couple of days ago re the above. Just thought I'd update folk on what happened next.

Went to see a doctor in my practice on Thursday,who I've not seen before. I went just to be checked over as I still felt a bit lethargic and urine was not as clear as it should have been despite drinking a lot of water.

Unfortunately he questioned my diagnosis, why I was on 19mg, why I hadn't decreased my dose much quicker and basically if I had infections then it was my own fault for being on such a dosage. We had a slight discussion/ disagreement and then he took my blood pressure which was raised, due he said to the level of Pred I was on, I said it was the discussion that we had just had( my blood pressure is never high)

I did though persuade him to check me for a chest infection and ear infection and I asked for a blood request form for CRP and ESR. I went to the hospital and had it tested.

My CRP on diagnosis was 1 and my ESR had reached the steady heights of 18. I therefore assure others that they can have symptoms of PMR without raised bloods.

Next day Friday, the same doctor rang to say my CRP reading was 250 and my ESR 48 and to go to A&E immediately, which I did.

Infection levels at the hospital were retested and were still raised although because of trust policy they couldn't take the CRP reading again until Monday!!

After a 9 hour wait at the hospital and no empty beds ( they had wanted to keep me in and give me antibiotics intravenously) I came home with two lots of antibiotics with the proviso if I felt any worse to go back in.

They still couldn't really find what the problem was really to give such a high reading: I didn't have a chest infection or urine infection. There was slight inflammation in the lungs but not built up to be classified as pneumonia. They did say though that they had found a bacterial infection on top of my viral infection.

I don't know what the moral of this story is really but perhaps when feeling unwell and doctor rules everything out to ask for blood test?


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  • I am speechless Jackie! Well done for standing your ground you must have been feeling terrible. The doctor was clearly looking at numbers and not at all at his patient. We do have a compromised immune system and fairly minor infections/ viruses can run rampant. I have chummed my little grandson through every germ he's picked up since he was born.

    Get well soon and happy healthy new year!

  • Thank you Sheffieldjane. Don't really feel I stood my ground to be honest but just didn't think things were completely right and wanted to try and cover all areas. I never expected the blood results to be high and was very surprised at the readings. In fact medical staff felt with readings like that I would have been brought in on a stretcher! Thank you for your best wishes.

  • Jackoh, What an unbelievable scenario. You must have been very ill. I am so glad that you finally got some medical attention. It is amazing what we must sometimes endure to really get the help that we need.

    My doctor was gone this week due to illness. After calling the advice line with our medical care, and talking to my doctor's medical assistant, I was told to take tylenol every 4 hours and apply heat to the severe nerve pain in my back, legs, and feet! I was so mad that I decided I would take their advice, but do whatever would truly help me.

    I wish you the best,, and that you are soon feeling better again.

  • Thank you joyful13 for your good wishes and I do hope your situation soon becomes resolved. Best wishes to you

  • Morning Jackie 💐

    I do hope you are feeling a little better today & the AntiB's are doing something to help.

    It's appalling the way that GP dealt with you, I'm so glad you insisted on getting your blood levels checked.

    What's the plan now? Back to GP for follow up?

    Get Well Soon 💐

    Mrs Nails 💅🏼

  • Thank you for your good wishes Mrs Nails. I have to go back to same GP tomorrow just to ask for another blood test form for another testing of CRP as per hospital's instructions. They wouldn't give me a form as GP had started process. All a bit political I feel and which pot the money comes out of but then not my concern as long as it gets done. I will then try to get an appointment with my usual GP who is very difficult to book with and review situation with her. Thanks for asking question as I feel not really thinking that clearly and need possible strategy for next week.


  • It's awful trying to get an appointment when you need one. I only see my GP when I'm able for him but he knows I mean business when I take my husband in with me!

    I always book the 10.30 slot when he's had his coffee ☕️ but to be fair to him when I found my breast lump he referred me straight away, which was just as well as it was Cancer. He's just not a great believer in PMR & worries about my steroid dose!

    Hope you don't have any hassle tomorrow getting an appointment. Hope you feel better soon 💐

  • Thank you MrsNails. XJackie

  • ok, I'm a little confused here and because it has a certain likeness to my situation would like to were told you had slight "inflammation" in the lungs but not enough to say pneumonia....but they have now found a bacterial infection on top of the viral one? did they arrive at this conclusion? from looking at the breakdown of your WBCs I assume....I wish now I had some blood work done....I don't want to be taking an antibiotic if it is viral....Cheers

  • You're confused- so am I ! I hope to understand it better when I speak to my GP. Unfortunately the main doctor I spoke to in A&E was not English and quite difficult to understand so if everything progresses well I'll be happy and then start asking the questions which like you have confused me.( although having said that we were in A&E for 9 hours and it was about 11.15 pm that I got to see main doctor so I wasn't at my best!) I read your earlier post and see you started the antibiotics. I should'nt worry if it was viral or bacterial at this point. I know they don't like handing them out like sweeties, that they are not for viral infections only bacterial infections but it's not like you are taking them all the time - this is a one off. Hopefully they'll do the trick. Get well soon. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.

    X Jackie

  • "because of trust policy they couldn't take the CRP reading again until Monday!!"

    Pardon? With a level like that it should have been tested immediately just to be sure it was right!!!!

  • Agree!!!

  • What a dreadful experience. I am also puzzled that you can not have your bloods taken at the surgery, I can not easily get an appointment to see a Doctor but at least they provide this service. It does seem to make sense to have a van collect all the samples once a day rather than all those patients struggling to get to their local hospital.

  • Hi Sallyaches. I'm sure they would make exceptions for elderly or infirm to have it done at the surgery. On the whole though they say they are too busy and you can wait for up to two weeks to get.a nurse's appointment. Also I found looking at the time that my bloods were taken and when they were tested at the hospital there was a long time interval. I believe that the ESR has to processed in a certain time( sure I've read it on here sometime ago) Therefore if left too long the ESR reading will be invalid. I suppose that's the main reason I opt to go to the hospital. The test is done within hours rather than longer than 24 hours. Best wishes to you .


  • ESR should be done within 4 hours of the sample being taken or it makes it even less reliable than it is anyway! There are a lot of other tests that really need to be done on blood that hasn't been standing for long as various substances leak out of the red cells into the serum and mess the results up.

    I think the biggest problem (besides the cost of a man with a van) is that the van can't be everywhere at the same time so some samples will be standing waiting - and the samples really should be taken early if patients need fasting tests. Mind you - I was offered a 10.30am slot for fasting bloods once...

  • Thanks for that - couldn't remember details x

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