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Thank you


Just had to write to thank everyone for making me not feel so guilty about having to cancel my trip to Hawaii tomorrow. My daughter was taking her family to a resort on Maui and I was included. I was doing so well after my surgery and had a really good Xmas...even made dinner ( only for five ) on Xmas eve. I had sorta convinced myself that maybe I was in remission.( Haha..) and let my helper have the week off . I ran errands myself and then wham......pain, fatigue and all out misery. Not so body said. The rheumatologist had insisted I try to reduce...I have taken the pro's advice and gone back to the level that I feel is the best dose for me. I had gone from 12 to 10 in two months back up to 12 and I am contemplating 15 as I have GSA also and only one good eye. all made me feel least I am not alone .

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Never feel guilty about cancelling anything. I do it all the time. I had to pull the plug on an expensive holiday in India because I swelled up like a Michelin Woman and had dangerously high blood pressure. But I had been looking for tigers in the jungle so it was worth it as we saw one. I have leaned over the last 2 years and 9 months since I was diagnosed with GCA that I have to listen to my body, I have an autoimmune disease but I have always pushed myself too far. Now I book holidays and a variety of activities so I always have something to look forward to but sometimes I just can't go and that's fine. Be gentle with yourself, there will be other holidays

Best wishes

Yes it is so hard to get it through our heads that we cannot take on the world anymore. I had a big fancy wedding to go to last summer, I had to drive into the city and it was just more than I could handle. Yes I pulled it off but later became very sick. No more, if it makes me uneasy, Im Not doing it anymore. I am just not like I use to be before PMR, and that's almost 5 years.

I had to cancel mine to vegas for a surprise Birthday party for my husband,,

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