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I have had extremely painful hip bursitis and tendinitis since mid Sept, and it is driving me mad. It is excruciatingly painful . I have had steroid injections and am taking painkillers but it keeps me awake at night and I am struggling to walk in the day. Does anyone have any magic cure please? I have had PMR for several years and am currently on 15mg of pred following a flare. Any ideas gratefully received- thank you! x

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  • Hello - I have bursitis in both hips following hip replacements and have had the injections. One worked for two weeks, the other not at all. However, over the past few months the pain has considerably lessened, so there is hope!

  • I feel for you - been there twice. My magic cure the second time was steroid injections - but I did need two a few months apart and it does need someone who really knows what they are doing to give them. The first time it was definitely part of the PMR and after a few months of pred at 15mg it did fade, but it was slow.

    Otherwise it is rest, ice and antiinflammatories - in your case, the pred.

  • Hi i have also had very painful bursitis and had steroids injection

    The only relief i have had is from Bowen Therapy i know a few guys here have tried it and have had success, and some who say its rubbish.

    Also just a thought my GP said after my last injection if i didn't get any relief she would do it with an ultra sound so she got the steroid in the right place.

    Hope you get some relief soon

    Kay :)

  • Thank you all for your replies... it is good to know there is hope! x

  • I have terrible bilateral hip pain that comes and goes. When I walk it feels like a spike is being driven into each of my hip joints. It's only occurs with walking.

    My Bowen Therapist, who is also a Neurokinetic Therapist, gave me exercises to do which relieve the problem...when I do then. It involves stimulating the appropriate trigger point and then activating the affected muscle by exercise. It's all about muscle memory. Can't say I totally understand it, but it seems to work. My bad that I don't do them regularly so I keep having episodes.

  • Could they do a DVD to teach us all? These "mixed" alternative therapists can be really useful!

  • I can ask next time I see her. Unfortunately, I have no idea when I might be back in Sooke. The therapist is in Victoria, BC.

  • I could have gone to see her!!!!!

  • Darn! Never thought of that. :-) Maybe next time. :-)

  • I have found Heat Pads, Reiki and Crystal Therapy have all helped me.

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