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Back surgery update

I have spent the last two months agonizing over the need for back surgery weighed against my GCA and PMR.. I decided to go for it and had a spinal fusion along with a lamenectomy. It appears that it is successful...some bits of info that I learned as a result that may help someone else are....they gave me the equivalent of 100mg of prednisone during the surgery and for one day afterward. I then resumed my normal dosage which at this point is 12 mg. So far so good !! Also, I read Peggy Huddlestons book on preparing for surgery and listened to her relaxation tapes twice daily. I found this extremely helpful . It is designed to remove the stress from your mind and body and make your recovery easier. I hope no-one has to go through a five hour operation but I was able to do it and of course am over joyed. I must say ..I did have an exceptional surgeon:)

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Good to hear - and looking forward to hearing the rest of the saga.

Get well soon!!!!!


What wonderful news! Hope and pray that you continue to make good progress. I'm sure your post will be used to encourage others. Keep us informed of your progress.


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