Some good news....for now!

A quick background of my journey.... I was diagnosed with PMR in April 2015. Started at 20mg of prednisone, and except for a short flare at 7.5 and going back to 10 (I was traveling to Asia) I am now down to 4.5 mg with no consequence. I reduced .5 mg every 2 weeks. I had stiff neck a couple of weeks ago, worried it was the beginning of a flare, but after a visit to the chiropractor and massages, it's all better! Here's why I said good news for now! Before I was diagnosed, I had shoulder pain and had an MRI. I have a 100% torn rotator cuff and need surgery! My Ortho said he will not do surgery while I'm on prednisone. So, I've lived with it this year. The good news is, I have no pain because I believe the pred masks it! Well, after speaking to the dr, he said he could do surgery if I was under 5 mg of pred. Well, now that I am at 4.5 ( and will be at 4 by the time I have surgery) he said he could do it. Here's my question.....will the surgery likely cause a flare? Am I crazy to have surgery during PMR? Should I live with it until I'm totally off pred and start to feel the pain again? My activities are all normal. I play tennis 5 days a week and golf 1(I'm retired and living in Florida). I'm so afraid to push my luck! Sorry this is so long, but I wanted others to know there is light at the end of the tunnel! BTW, I have all the pred side effects...weight gain (20 lbs), chipmunk cheeks, raised blood pressure and raised sugar, but am hoping weight watchers and lower pred will help me get back to "normal"!

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  • If that was my state of physical ability without surgery I think I'd wait! Yes, the surgery COULD cause a flare  - but there is no way of knowing in advance. Whatever you decide - good luck.

    I suppose at least you have MRI evidence of the torn rotator cuff - PMR is commonly confused with it. 

  • yes, i had an MRI last spring when it all began, but the dr wants me to have another one this spring to see if i did anymore damage! Thanks for your input.

  • Hi , don't worry about the surgery  I had a cuff repair last November on 10mg and was perfectly fine . I'm down to 6.5 mg now and suffering with aches in my hips and lower back , shoulder isn't 100% yet but no adverse effects from the surgery , I am very active teaching martial arts classes 6 days a week and working full time nights , I firmly believe the more active you can be with PMR the better for you long term, just wish it wasn't so painful reducing . Keep smiling and good luck you will be fine.😀

  • I had surgery in January 2016 and I'm on 5 preds.  The anaesthetic was very clued up

    and said there would be no problem.   I've had PMR since Sept. 2014

    I'm staying on this dose for a while as I'm having further treatment and medication for my other problem. 

    No problems so far.

  • Personnely if you can do the things you say you can I wouldn't go there , but you must do what you think is best for you I don't say this because of the pills but you must listen to yourself and doc 

    Good luck in whatever you decide 

  • Thank you for everyone's encouragement! I spoke to the dr yesterday and he said the pain will dictate the surgery. If no pain now, don't do anything. Once I'm off prednisone if and when the pain comes back, then we will move forward. I hate to push my luck!

  • I had a Bankart procedure on my shoulder after repeated dislocations and had no adverse effects. I was on 7 mg prednisolone at the time and did not need to increase at all.

    Best of luck!

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