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Vasculitis and pnuemonia

Hi I have just been told I have signs of pneumonia after chest x ray ,ive been put onto strong anti biotic for a week,ive been coughing for few days tickly then phlegm.Im immune suppressed .I have GCA/PMR vasculitis.type 1 diabetis,addisons disease,sticky blood hughes syndrome,i think pneumonia mild form but still a bit of a shock.Anyone else been on this street.?


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Rotten luck going down with pneumonia at any time, let alone whilst coping with PMR/GCA etc.  Hopefully, the antibiotics will kick in quickly and help to resolve the cough at least as coughing can be very wearing.  

Wherever you are on your steroid tapering 'journey', don't think of reducing from your present dose until you have completely recovered from the pneumonia.  I do hope you will soon feel better.


Oh I'm so sorry.  Hope you are feeling better soon.  Eat your yoghurt!  💐

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