Prednisone rash

I hope everyone has had a relaxing Easter with plenty of recreational  fun with family and friends ( and not too much chocolate LOL !)

Has anyone had any issues with rashes caused by the prednisone? I have a scalp rash that was noticed by my hairdresser about a month ago. It started on the nape of the neck but appears to be slowly  spreading towards the back of my ears. It's not causing too many problems ( it's not burning or itchy) although I wonder if I should risk having another hair colour in a few weeks just in case. Since starting the Prednisone I've experienced a random itchy knee although no rash which seems bizarre really! I would appreciate any feedback ,thoughts.

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  • I have had an itchy scalp but no idea if there is a rash and it does make a LOT of difference what shampoo I use. Pred dries the skin, maybe that has led to something irritating the skin where it may have been broken? I do have a bizarre skin irritation behind my left ear - nowhere else.

    Can't speak to colouring hair - haven't done that for 25 years since I decided to go au naturel! Saves a fortune which I use to pay for a good cut... I'm somewhat tickled to find that people pay a lot of money to get hair colour like mine!

  • Thanks PMRpro ....I  must admit that I've been tempted to go au naturel of recent years so maybe this is the time to take the plunge! As for the rash , I thought I'd ask the GP to check it out anyway as , from the research I've done, it could also be a fungal infection or folliculitis which can happen to people on long term Pred apparently. I tend to suspect it may be heat related as we've had a very humid summer here and I use a blow dryer in the area of the rash. Time will tell !

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