~Integrated therapy to complement main stream medical~

As with a few other souls on this PMR/GCA + site I too am interested in alternative therapies where possible and research as much as I can before making a decision to take a supplement or a treatment considered not main stream.

For those with an overlap in their condition pertaining to Rheumatoid Arthritis check out:

theartofhealing.com.au March issue e-Alert on:- 10 Natural Ways to Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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  • A really interesting book on alternative therapies is Trick or Treatment which takes into account research across the world on various therapies. It is quite eye opening.

  • Just placed a hold at the public library for this, although their copy is 2008, wonder if there is an updated edition? Things are changing so rapidly right now. Especially now that we Boomers are moving into retirement and facing old age and deciding that the status quo isn't what we plan to settle for!

  • It probably is a bit old by now but is a good base for ideas and info.

  • Who is the author piglette?

  • Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst are the authors of Trick or Treatment

  • Just reading "The Diet Myth" the real science behind what we eat by Tim Spector. Very interesting so far and seems worth a read.

  • I loved the Diet Myth, it was a really easy read. I also have recently read Gut which got me interested in my microbes!

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