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Horlicks for osteopenia?

Diagnosed with PMR and GCA in January, 2015, an early DEXA scan showed up osteopenia and I was prescribed Calceos tablets.

My diet had been rather lacking in dairy so I increased my intake of cheese, butter and milk etc. only for my usually low cholesterol levels to shoot up to 5.9.

However, my sister, who also suffers from osteopenia, has been told by her GP that the only thing she needs to do to improve her bone health is to have a daily mug of Horlicks because of its high calcium content. I wonder if anyone else has been advised to do this. The calcium content on the label certainly seems impressive.

I am now having a nightly mug of Horlicks before bed and have cut down on the cheese.

I have found it is also rather good stirred into porridge.

Also, since I started on pred over a year ago, initially on 60mgs, now on 7mgs, I have followed a high protein, low carb diet and have been very lucky to remain at my usual weight of 10st (5ft 9" tall) and no moon face.

I include most of the anti-inflammatory tips mentioned on this site but I have found turmeric the most difficult to use as I just don't like turmeric flavoured meals much.

Then, a fellow dog walker recommended Golden Paste as an anti-inflammatory remedy for doggy ailments and I found it was suitable for humans too!

A quick and easy recipe using powdered turmeric, easily found online or available ready made, it is much easier to store a jar in the fridge and add a small amount to the side of the plate with each meal.

Golden Paste may be well known but I can't remember seeing any reference to it on this site since I have been following it, so the info may be of some use to someone.

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I'm no expert but I believe you may need a balance of nutrients to absorb things well. Possibly Vit. C taken at the same time as the horlicks would help absorption. I hope someone else with more knowledge can advise you.


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