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Feeling a bit brighter!

HI All

I generally have posted when feeling really down, but today I have had a good day. These have been very rare in the last 8 months. I have been anywhere between 40-20 mgs of preds in this time, have now managed to be on 17.5 and although uncomfortable for several days (almost went back up to my comfortable level), it has settled and I have a little more energy today and also my face is a tiny bit less swollen - which really pleased me.

Feel there may a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is a long tunnel there may be a glimmer ????

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:) Maybe your discomfort was from pred withdrawal and by waiting you gave your body a chance to catch up?

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Yes maybe, I sopke with the Rheumy this morning and he still says to take anit inflammatory tabs when reducing but I know that this isnt advised on here??

He also said be prepared for another flare at 15mg - so will take it really slow when I get down that low!

But still going in the right direction!


Dear me - he has some funny ideas! Don't know anyone who suggests pred plus NSAIDs are a good idea - each can irritate the stomach and can lead to bleeding and both together just increases the risk.

Yes, as Celtic says that sounds like steroid withdrawal rather than a flare. I was just trying to work out why you'd have a flare at 15mg - that's the usual starting dose in the UK for PMR. You might do better with a 1mg reduction at a time or read this:

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Thanks PRMPro, I will speak with the GP on Monday, not happy taking anti-inflam tabs. Yes thats the plan, 1mg reduction a month so hopefully will take it slow, and will try the dead slow method if I struggle with this.

Thanks as always


Hi Lesley 2015

Sounds like good news that you are feeling better after all these months.....I also have a diagnosis of GCA, made in July 2015. Starting on 60 mg, I have been for a month at 11.5 mg ( after trying twice for 11 mg unsuccessfully) and feeling like I have crossed a bridge. I am sleeping better ( 7hours..yea!), have more energy, and able to concentrate longer. It is a good feeling, isn't it, to think there might be an end to this disease's invasion of our bodies. Keep positive!

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Yes definitely GinnyMa, feel a bit more positive - although my Rheumy was a bit doom and gloom this morning saying be prepared for more flares, but will try and go really slow. Would just like to feel more like me!! 11mgs is really good, I have PMR also so not sure if that slows the reduction down or not??? but we are all individuals so need to go at our own pace I guess.

So glad you also are feeling more positive!! I am trying ....... !


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