Update and managing (?) tests

Saw my lovely GP this morning. Thankfully this time she did not try to arm twist me into taking osteoporosis medication. I asked about the inflammatory markers, and she dismissed that request by saying they don't really pay attention to them, treatment is based on the symptoms. So I still don't know how things altered between June and October. On the other hand I note that the tests are also on the sheet she's given me for ferritin and random glucose testing, so I guess SHE is watching those results. As for Vitamin D levels, the labs are actively discouraging doctors from asking for that test, so I've just been told to carry on with my 2000 IU per day. Trying for 6 or 6.5 mg pred these days and hoping that it works, and doctor encouraged me to continue to take it slowly. ☺ I seem to be rather susceptible to the bad effects of pred so would really like to get the level down to 5 by summer if I can.

Today it feels like spring outside - I know that's not going to last. But the strong sun is heartwarming and definitely lightens the spirit! 🌞

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In the UK there is an NHS hospital lab which also offers private vit D estimations for about £25. Maybe you can find one in Canada?

OK then - if you don't take any notice of the tests - why waste money doing them?

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I think I'll wait until my next DXA scan in the autumn, and if I have deteriorated I'll insist, because I know the test is available for people who really need it. The thing is, Vitamin D testing became a "fashionable" item here and everyone was asking for it, including mostly people who had no medically indicated need.


Except - everyone who is severely deficient has a problem may be able to avoid a medically indicated need. It cuts both ways.


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