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Hi, I have had PMR since August and so far have been reducing without any major problems. Am on 9mg, I am supposed to be dropping to 8mg tonight but I am going to put it off for a while as I have had some sort of virus for 8 days now. I can't shift this nasty cough that has appeared now. It's a real hacking cough, I've been taking cough medicine but doesn't seem to be working. Do you think it might be advisable to see the doctor as I've had it so long? Thanks

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Cough medicine is probably a waste of money! Is it what is so delightfully described as a "productive cough"? If so it may be worth asking the doc though even productive coughs can be viral - nothing to do but wait it out I'm afraid.

Have you tried inhaling steam?That may calm the cough down a bit.

And the other question - have you any other symptoms? Cough can be a symptom of GCA but I found I'd have described it is irritating rather than hacking.


Thanks for the swift reply. It is definitely a productive cough. I'm going to try steaming now. I'm hoping it works


Don't scald yourself!!!!!!


Well that's definitely cleared my pipes for a while. Thanks for the advice


Oh good - granny's remedies were often based on real physiology! Even healthcare staff are beginning to realise that!



If you have any obis oil try putting few drops in water when steaming .But ensure you keep your eyes closed all the time.

Best Wishes



Angex05, I've recently read about using pineapple juice for a cough. Supposed to be very effective....much better than cough syrup. I haven't tried it but intend to next time I have the need.


I had a nasty virus before Xmas - the worst for 6 years since I stopped work. Think my immune system was low ....I only got to zero pred in Oct. Coughed so much I thought I'd cracked a rib. Very sharp pains on coughing, breathing in or sneezing. After an X Ray the Dr prescribed anti biotics as my chest showed signs of infection still- not a broken rib though, but probably a strained chest muscle.

I found sucking sweets better than cough mix, lots of quiet days and rest. Couldn't do much as I had no energy and activity resulted in coughing.

Take care and hope you get better soon.

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Hi Ange. Very sensible to be patient while under the weather. I've been down to 9 for 2 months now and am reducing to 8.5 now that Xmas etc is out of the way. Don't forget "no more than 10%" is the golden rule. Reading some of the posts really pulls me back to being careful as I don't want to yo-yo or have it come back with a vengeance. My brother has had same type of cough for over 3 weeks. It's just reducing to annoying type cough now. Hope you get better soon. Mary X


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