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Hi,a happy new year to you all,and would like to thank you all for the support and encouragement over the last 3 years, God only knows what we all would do with out this forum as you will all know by now the Docs and Rehumys do not know much about our illness,

So a big thank you from me,Anne,

Would also like to say thank you for the info for my Daughters illness Fibromyalga not sure about the spelling it was quite a shock to us both when she was diagnosed a few weeks back,

hence I have not been on the forum as I have been helping her get to grips with yet another illness they know nothing about,.

I hope you all did not do to much over the Christmas hols as you will be suffering now if you did,.

I have managed to come off the preds been off them since Feb last year still got awful backache due to my 10 disc cal laps but its only is bad when sitting or doing housework I have now started doing ballroom dancing and walking 3 times a day with sheep dogs, very stiff on mornings but once up not too bad,

Would just like to say a big thank you again to you all,

I will keep in touch from time to time,

all the very best to every one.

Anne in the sunny north east.xxxx

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Good to hear you are doing well, and I hope your daughter's health improves too. All the best for 2016!


Good to hear from you again, Anne, and how well you are coping in spite of your spinal problem. I hope your daughter is on the right meds and that they are helping to relieve her symptoms. Keep up the ballroom dancing - it's a very healthy pastime if my aunt's experience is anything to go by - at the age of 90 she is still enjoying sequence dancing 3 times a week!


Is that the lady who was on denosumab for spinal osteoporosis?


Not, Denosumab, PMRpro (that's a friend of mine!). May aunt was on Forteo (Teriparatide) injections for two years following a spinal fracture. The Forteo has proved successful in building new bone, and happily she didn't suffer any discernible side effects from the treatment, dancing throughout, swimming and attending the gym! Must sort out my dancing shoes, swimsuit, trainers..........!!!


Ah yes - remember now. But nevertheless an advert for Forteo!

Hmmmmm - think I'll pass on joining you!


That's good to hear Anne. Are they sure your daughter has fibro? Not PMR? - since they overlap a lot.



Re your daughters Fibromyalgia

Have you looked on the Thyroid site

I am not saying that Fibro or EFS does not exist but many are given this diagnoses as GP don't now what is wrong .Even if she has had blood tests for Thyroid

and was told they are in range she could still need treatment it is just worth having a look .

Happy New year


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