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Initially I resisted the diagnosis of PMR, my GP was less than confidence inspiring, and went to a physio for help to get my muscles untied and moving. He did help, didn't stop all the pain but gave some relief with both Bowen therapy and Acupuncture, however after a particularly bad week he advised i returned to my GP and see another doctor within the practice. Best thing I ever did. 3 days on 30mg Pred and I now really remember what i felt like before I started to hurt. Ok so the pain isn't all away but its totally within a tolerable range. My scalp still hurts and low grade headache is still there, i see a Rheumatologist on Tuesday but i simply cannot believe how much better i feel already.

A few unpleasant symptoms are making themselves felt, in the middle of the night i was awakened by my heart beating like a drum on speed! My sleep is definitely disrupted but i am so much less tired than when i was in constant pain. Life for now feels good :-)

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Palpitations and insomnia are pred side effects. Thankfully I did not get the palpitations much to my rheumy's surprise. I got the hot sweats though.

It is wonderful to compare how much better one feels compared to the agony pre pred.


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