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Just when I thought stamina was improving

Schools back so back to routine with grandson ,we have him for breakfast 10 mornings a month . This week was Monday to Thursday get up at7 he arrives at 7.40 all eat together then one of us walks him to school 5 minutes away . I have taken him 2 mornings hubby other 2 days don't know if it's the timed routine all I can say I am knackered to put it in plain speaks can't het warm so dinner, shower,PJ's ,

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If you don't have any other commitment after you've seen the child to school, I think you should go home, have a hot beverage of your choice and get some more sleep, wrapped up well to get warm again. Do you keep your head and your feet warm when you are out walking that early in the morning? And my grandmother always said it was important to keep the upper back warm. I wonder if your fatigue and feeling of cold is at least in part because you are eating a meal then going out for (even mild) exercise so early in the day? The body wants to digest the meal, so it isn't keeping your extremities warm? And that all is just too much for you right now so your day is basically wrecked.


I agree with Anhaga, for several weeks you have been relaxing with no routine or restrictions and to suddenly pitch yourself back again to an early start could well upset the apple cart. I feel for you - at 7am I don't even know who I am!

Anhaga - my Gran agreed with yours. I well remember her stitching a square of flannel into the yoke of the shirts Grandad wore to work.

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All ways up about 7 take pred @7.30 . Don't let myself get cold use turbans inside and outside house hubby just informed me over dinner he will be takening Ben to school for next month then I can come with them sometimes .


That sounds like a good idea! Hope it is all you need to feel better again.


Hi Olive, might just be amalgamation of you doing a bit more than usual, it doesn't take much to unsettle the rhythm you've got into during the holidays.

If I remember correctly you recently posted that you'd got down to quite a small dose of Pred, it could be that as well. You may have been ok before, but the last few days have put too much pressure on your body.

Take it easy for a few days, pamper yourself, and hopefully things will settle down again. The last thing you want is a glitch in your reduction plan. Go easy girl! Best wishes, DL


Olive, wise advice from DL to pamper yourself for a few days and hopefully that will be all you need to do to get back on track. Good that you've got hubby on board to help with the school run!


Iam lucky with Pete he has been great from day one gave him Kate's book he read chapter on GCA and that was all he needed . There have been times I could have killed him for wrapping me in cotton wool had to work hard at keeping balance in our lives . The only thing he is not good at is emotional effects of pred had to go elsewhere for that Like most men give him a practical problem to solve and he will give it his best


You are simply trying to do too much - it is a massive change from last week when you didn't have a timetable to keep to. And I found even having any one, not just children, around and speaking and stuff was exhausting. Many people can't cope with adult visitors - doing breakfast at a time which for me barely exists makes me feel tired thinking about it!


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