Plantar Fasciitis

Routine GP. Appointment yesterday have been getting a lot of pain in feet for last 3weeks told her about it after a look verdict was plantar fasciitis never heard of it . We think I my have had this for a while after all have been walking 2/3 miles about 4times a week for months she then told me steroids injections are sometimes given to help pain ,penny dropped pred could have been masking problem have been given exercises to help . Any one offer further advice

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  • I have had a lot of foot problems, firstly Plantar Fasciitis and then Achillies tendon problems which I still have. I love walking but have had to cut this down a lot.

    What did help for the Fasciitis was going to see a podiatrist, he made me a special insert that fits into my walking and everyday shoes, this cured the Fasciitis. It's worth investigating.

    I had a cortisone injection into a joint in one of my feet recently, like you I am concerned that it is masking a problem. Although pain is unpleasant it is sometimes a sign to slow down.

  • Thanks will look into podiatrist tomorrow have one attached to GP surgery. Did exercises that were given ,me been me went full tilt don't think it was a good idea calfs burning when I got up today.

  • I posted about the same problem a few weeks ago and got a lot of helpful advice. Strap round your foot with athletic tape, wear heeled shoes, stretch your legs before getting out of bed and yes I have an insole which does help I think you should be able to bring up all my replies if you put in PF Best of luck.

  • Thanks tallgal found your post read all replys fell a lot better. The info from GP was quoting 12month's to heal that's what floored me just getting order back in life. One thing pleased me I hate slippers after this year of GCA seemed to live in them for months so after dressing into house shoes just as my mum and gran used to do

  • I have so many probs wither ankles ,Achilles heel calf muscles and I have torn my Achilles heel a few times .I have plantar fasciitis in both feet along with peripheral neuropathy and it all hurts a lot .xx😇

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