Hi,Does anyone know if PMR AND Plantar Fasciits (Heel Pain ) are linked with as side effects with the medication.

Yesterday after days of more pain i was told i now have Plantar Fasciits in my left foot and i wondered if it was anything to do with the steroids or the methotrexate which i am on,hope someone can help.

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  • Hi Bell

    I have had slight heel pain since late last year, but it comes and goes and does not really bother me to be honest, but I too wondered if it was a PMR linked ailment.....sounds as if we both have the same symptoms and if we are not isolated, we will hopefully find out.

    Regards JC

  • Before I was diagnosed last November for PMR I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my left foot. More the ankle and back of heel. It was so painful I could hardly walk at one time. The day the pain in my foot stopped, it started in my left arm and within 48 hours I was in pain in all my joints and then diagnosed with PMR.

    When I reduced my dose of pred from15mg to 10mg the foot started hurting again so I had to go back to 15mg and then reduce more slowly. When I got down to 9mg it started to return. I am now back on 10mg and it is very painful especially in the mornings.

    I saw the doctor yesterday and he was dismissive of the foot pain - doesn't think it is anything to do with PMR. He says he has 100 patients with PMR on his books and foot pain isn't a known side effect! I don't agree!

    I am now waiting to see a rheumatologist. Maybe he/she will have some more constructive suggestions. I hope so.

  • I had 'a spur on the plantar' of my left foot five years ago and was given a cortisone injection on the exact spot where the pain was. It hasn't really bothered me since then but I know it's there. I don't think it's connected with the problems with my shoulders now.

  • I have had plantar fasciatis for over 20 years. I too had a cortisone injection in my heel which pretty well stopped it. I feel it once in a while. I've had PMR for two years; I don't think they're related. I also think the plantar fasciatis is very common.

  • thanks for the info,i spoke today at the clinic as i had to get my blood results and they say it may be the tablets but if i am still bad in the next week i can ring and go in and have it looked at and maybe an injection so hopefully it will be sorted.thanks again and best regards . mick

  • Have noticed slight pain in both heels occasionally and for a short period since being diagnosed - have now tapered to 7mg when it has been noticeable on and off, mostly off. It's not bothering me though.

  • thanks for that,trying the gel soles and see how i go.

  • Hi Bell I've have Mortons Neuroma in both feet. It started last summer I just thought it was another twist and turn of PMR so ignored it for months then on the iPad one day read about it pain in feet and had it diagnosed. Had injections between toes couple of weeks it's fine hope it lasts.

    All best wishes. Mossie

  • Hi Mossie,thanks for that,i have the gel heels and it is a bit better but my doc said i may have to have an injection in the heel so i hopefully will get better without it as i hate needles.thanks again and best regards Mick

  • Hi Bell,

    I do not know whether your plantar fasciitis, but I had it a few years ago and was told by a physiotherapist never to get out of bed in a morning without putting on a slipper/flip flop with a wedge heel. I always do now and have never had a problem since in several years and prior to this it was so painful. Worth a try anyway.

    Good luck. Tomasina

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