bone scan

Hi girls, can any one tell me what number my bone scan should be if normal,i do not know wot is good and wot is bad, no rush not going for scan till 3 August,am still on Alendronic.been off steroids now since 23 February this year.

was diagnosed 3years ago with osteoporosis.

many thanks in advance hope all are doing better than normal.

kind regards to all for all the continuous help you have given me.Anne.

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  • Hi Anne, hope this helps:

    Normal T Score:

    -1 or above


    below -1 to -2.5


    lower than -2.5

    Hope your next DEXA shows an improvement.

  • thank you Celtic, not that i understand the numbers though,it looks complicated to me bit like french.

    will ask as soon as i have it done not that they like to tell you no doubt it will be send results to GP.

    thanks again Celtic hope you are feeling better,

    kind regards Anne

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