Stabbing centre back pain

Stabbing centre back pain

Hi everyone well I was hospitalised for 3 days following crippling pain in the centre back radiating to both shoulders and ribs. Shallow breathing was murder! I had gradually reduced to 10mgs pred (again) so this was week 2 at 10mgs. PMR DIAGNOSED 22nd December 2014. GP advised I go back to 12.5mg however the early hours of the next morning I was admitted via A&E. My BP was off the scale and they did the usual e c g and blood tests. They ruled out aneurism and heart attack! They then decided it was neuropathic pain and that I had shingles! They wanted me to have 2 x paracetamol 4 x a day and ibuprofen, 5 anti shingle pills a day with anti blood clotting injections in my abdomen. I tried to explain that Ibuprofen was not a good bed fellow with prednisilone and that the paracetamol did not touch this pain so the nurse was not pleased and wrote that I had refused pain relief! They did a chest and back X-ray the following day. Decided that nothing more was required and to continue with the shingles treatment, tramadol 100mg slow release every 12 hours diazepam 2mgs 3 x a day and amitryptline at bed time! I felt I had been hit over the head with a sand bag and run over by a steam engine! Needless to say the pain is still there but easing thankfully without the above mentioned drugs that I was discharged with still no visible signs of shingles however the very much present PMR pains in my legs feet and arms. Nights are the worst. Not once was PMR mentioned by the medical staff. I arrived home after 3 days with very bruised venflon sites in both arms and a black and blue abdomen! Oh and I was advised to use ice packs on my back , freeze spray or/and proprietary brand of Deep Heat ointment! Meanwhile I am resting a lot and trying to relax. I can only think my system did not take kindly to reducing to 10mgs of pred even though I was taking it slowly.

Thank you all for listening my rant is over!

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  • Hi sharkadder. You poor thing. As if PMR isn't enough to put up with. I too was diagnosed late 2014 but was able to reduce from 15 to 10 with no problem. I will try to go to 9 but on the slow method which will take 6 weeks and then stay on that if okay for at least a month. I feel very aware that my rheumy specialist may not be happy at how slow I'm doing it but I have to be strong as this site is far more informed than the specialists. It is very hard when we have to say why we won't " do as were told". I had to do this last week after bring told to reduce 1 mg pet month and take pain killers if necessary. I'm sure there's a comment on my records reflecting my determination to not follow their instructions if i don't feel they are beneficial to me. Gentle hug . Hope you feel a bit better soon. Mary x

  • Thank you for your kind words poppet pain, I am feeling sorry for myself. It is so therapeutic this group I really don't know where I would be without it. XX

  • What a rotten experience you have had, but it sounds as though you have got in quickly with the anti viral medication which with any luck will shorten the duration of the shingles and reduce the likelihood of any long term nerve pain. I haven't come across anyone with shingles without the rash before, but it does happen, I believe. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Many thanks Celtic x

  • Hello there, listening to your story shows us all just how vigilant we all have to be and that includes our loved ones too. Why, because if we are rushed to hospital and are given drugs that do not agree with our diagnosis or our medication we could so easily end up a lot worse than why we went in in the first place. It terrifies me sometimes just how ill informed clinicians are in relation to not only PMR and its established treatment drugs but the clash of drugs that they throw at us without diagnosis. I hope you make a speedy recovery. Regards, Christina

  • Thank you Christina x

  • Bilateral pain? Shingles? I may be out of line here, but could have sworn that shingles only attacks one side of the body.

    I used to get that pain. or at least a similar crippling pain. Turned out to be massive wind from a tablet and my Oesophagus would cramp. It started each time as a pain in my ear, so in the end I knew it was coming. My remedy? I sip of any fizzy drink which made me burp very painfully, but it released it. Not saying that this is what you may have, but really how similar pain can be.

  • You're right. Shingles will never be bilateral.

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