Rapid reduction in ESR & CRP on Pred

Hi All , is this normal my GP was scratching his head with a smile on his face when I walked in his surgery this morning. My last 3 blood tests ESR have been 26,28,30 a small climb each time. 2weeks on 20mg of Pred and my ESR is 10 and my CRP is 1. I have no pain (still got the full headache. Also I have eaten nothing but an anti inflammatory diet since he said I have PMR. Is it normal for the Pred to get your bloods back to normal this fast , or have I been miss diagnosed ? All the symptoms I currently have feel like Pred symptoms . My GP is still convinced I have PMR but has referred me to a Rhematoligist for there opinion . Any thoughts or experiences of this folks.

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  • Gaz,More than "normal", that's excellent, proving that the steroids are doing their job of getting the inflammation under control. However, don't become complacent and don't rush future reductions or overdo things - it doesn't mean that your PMR is cured (sadly there is no a magic cure at the moment) - it just means that the steroids are damping down the inflammation that causes the symptoms until PMR goes into remission. Well done with the anti-inflammatory foods - a man after my own heart! Onwards and upwards now.

  • Thanks Celtic , I haven't felt so happy for months , really feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I did more than a average exercise yesterday and no pain today . Happy chap😀😀

  • Yes Gaz, my ESR and CRP markers went back to normal very quickly, but that doesn't mean any PMR has gone away!! The mind can forget very conveniently if it isn't reminded by the pain or other symptoms.

    Just very glad for you that you are in a much better place now than you were a few days ago. My advice is to take it easy!

    I, too, have changed my diet since diagnosis, and cut out all sugars, cakes, biscuits and chocolate etc. my weight has remained static off the 6 months I have had PMR.


  • Thanks for the reminder Charlie , I am doing a little more exercise daily , with caution, being very vigilant not to over do it, I have 2 more weeks off work then am going to try and get back to at least some kind of normality again with caution. My dull headache and fatigue keeps reminding me there is still stuff going on , but it is a step in the right direction . 😄

  • Hi Charlie , I increased my level and still no pain , I am thinking of a slight taper on the Pred I haven't been on it that long and the GP to a certain degree as given me a free hand to start the taper he did say drop to 15 from 20 , I told him the advice I received from all the good folks on this forum that it was to much . I only have 5 mg tabs was thinking about next week just taking out a quarter for a week that would be a 1.25mg drop , does that sound enough or should I go with half a tab . Your thoughts . or after on 2 half weeks on Pred am I starting to soon .

  • Sorry Charlie should have wrote increased level of exercise

  • Hi Gaz,

    I am not medical, but I guess 20 to 15mg is too big. I did 2 or 3 weeks at 17.5 on my way down to 15mg. As many have said, it is not a race to get down.

    If you buy a pill cutter, then getting a 5mg to 2.5mg is no problem.


  • I got a pill cutter today , think I will give it a go next week . Cheers

  • Reductions should not be more than 10% of the current dose - that's 2mg at 20, 1.5mg at 15 and 1mg at 10!

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