Keep up with Kate!

Kate Gilbert, chair of PMRGCAuk, has been spending the past 4 days walking across the Dales through wind, hail and snow - all to raise money to provide support, and increase awareness of PMR and GCA. She's going to be walking 90 miles in total, and still has 2 days to go. Please support Kate in her incredible walk! You can still donate - visit Kathryn Gilbert's Virgin Money page on

Our thoughts are with you Kate! We hope the weather gets better too!

3 Replies

  • How typical of our British weather to take a turn for the worse just as Kate embarked on the challenge. However, I'm sure Kate won't let the weather get in the way of achieving her goal. Four days down and just two to go - good luck, Kate, and huge thanks on behalf of PMR and GCA sufferers everywhere.

  • Wish Kate all the best, I have donated money via the link. Hope the weather is kinder now to Kate, goodluck with the last 2 days. :-) Have to thank Kate for doing this to raise funds for PMR and GCA. to help sufferers, and help research into these illnesses.

  • The weather has been unusually cold..hope it's not muddy where you are and you are fully equipped in this freezing weather.

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